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The Persona/Persona 5 Hype Thread - poke-e-mon - 04-05-2014

Been playing Persona 4 a lot lately and noticed some other fans of the games on here, so I decided to make this thread (sorry if there already was one about this series).

So, talk about Persona here! What's your favorite Persona game, character, etc!

EDIT: This is now officially the Persona 5 hype thread! I'll try updating with as much news as possible (but there's a ton of articles and such, so it'll mostly be new trailers)!

Newest trailer:

- http://gematsu.com/2015/02/persona-5-protagonist-first-persona-detailed-famitsu
- http://gematsu.com/2015/03/japanese-persona-magazine-interviews-atlus-staff-persona-5-dancing-all-night/2

If anyone has any more news or anything that they'd like to share, feel free to do so!

RE: The Persona Thread - ALVRA05 - 04-08-2014

I have played Persona 3 or more exactly P3P (Persona 3 Portable) which basically is the same as persona 3 and persona3 Fes(since you can play as a girl too). The ending is just to sad since the main protagonist dies sacrificing himself to save the world from damnation.(Something similar to the story of Jesus christ.). I also saw all the gameplay for Persona 4 and persona 4 golden since it as an extended ending. I own the Persona 4 Arena which is based after the ending of Persona 4. On this game the remaining characters of Persona 3 Akihiko, Mitsuru and Aegis participate in a kind of tournament that was created by Teddie calling himself the General. Well I am not gona spoil it. But if you play it its like persona 5 to me. Or Persona 4.5 since the story fits really well. I have unlocked all the story modes of all the characters already. And I heard Persona 4 Ultimate Prix its coming out by this fall. Its the Continuation of the story since it doesnt end yet. Here are some trailers of Persona 4 Arena and Ultimate grand Prix.

RE: The Persona Thread - poke-e-mon - 04-08-2014

Thought P4A was pretty good, think it even won awards for best fighting game or something. It was neat how all the stories had a cliffhanger that you had to return to. Not much else I can say about it since I'm not a big fighting game person, might end up getting Ultimax though.

Sadly, I've only played part of Persona 3. I should probably get back to it though. Judging by what you're saying, it sounds like it has a pretty emotional story.

And Persona 4 is totally worth playing. It's a different kind of experience if you can play it firsthand (completely understand if it is unavailable to you though).

Also, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is also scheduled to release for the 3DS sometime this fall, I believe. I swear, if it's an eShop exclusive... Seems like an interesting game. It has characters from both P4 and P3 (they're also chibi which is enough reason to want it) so it's bound to have a really good story.


RE: The Persona Thread - ALVRA05 - 04-08-2014

[Image: 1972258_797213423623084_260149399_n.jpg]

RE: The Persona Thread - poke-e-mon - 04-09-2014

Got some funny stuff to share:

[Image: 2574031-3975990709-zoola.gif]

[Image: 20132611084013.jpg]

Seriously though, excited for P5. Hope it's as good as the rest (which it will undoubtedly be).

RE: The Persona Thread - pokemanmdj - 04-21-2014

Yey, Persona's fun. I dunno if I could pick a favorite- maybe Persona 3 FES. Persona 4 Golden either ties with it, or is really close. It's a hard pick. ;-;
Revelations: Persona isn't too fantastic of a game anymore, but it's real neat. Sucks that it didn't age too well. But, it explains Igor a bit better than he is explained in the other games..
I never got to play P2: Innocent Sin or Eternal Punishment, but Tatsuya looks like a cool protag.

I don't know if I could say my favorite character, but Minato's my favorite protag.
Ah, only if Toshiro was here- he'd go on about Akihiko.

I'm hyped for 5, though. I'm hoping that it'll also have reoccurring characters.

RE: The Persona Thread - poke-e-mon - 03-14-2015

I'm bumping this because the Persona 5 hype is unreal.

I'll try updating this thread when new trailers, new information, and such are out because I've never been this hyped for a game before.

Here is the newest trailer:

RE: The Persona/Persona 5 Hype Thread - poke-e-mon - 04-17-2015

There's some news on Persona 4 Dancing All Night as well, so I'll probably update with some of that too...?

Newest news is that the personas will play instruments. This game sounds great.

RE: The Persona/Persona 5 Hype Thread - Rovkir_Hexus - 04-17-2015

That trailer looks pretty cool. I hope they make an anime of it too.

RE: The Persona/Persona 5 Hype Thread - poke-e-mon - 04-19-2015

They probably will make an anime out of it. If they do, I'd hope that they wouldn't gloss over the social links like how they did with Persona 4's anime adaption though.

RE: The Persona/Persona 5 Hype Thread - poke-e-mon - 06-15-2015

The special blu-ray disk (that has the second P5 trailer) that comes with the first edition Japanese copies of P4DAN finally has art (and it looks really cool)!
[Image: P5-Blu-ray-Movie-Disc.jpg]


P4DAN releases next week in Japan, so hopefully the second trailer will be up by then too.

RE: The Persona/Persona 5 Hype Thread - poke-e-mon - 06-18-2015

On the topic of P4DAN, recent scans show off 152 costumes.

That's right. 152 costumes. And those weren't even all the costumes!

Also some recolor costumes were revealed, featuring...

Persona 4 protagonist as Persona 3 protagonist!
[Image: Yu-P-Color.png]

Nanako as Aigis!
[Image: Nanako-P-Color.png]

Teddie as Jack Frost!
[Image: Teddie-P-Color.png]

And Rise as Nanako!
[Image: Rise-P-Color.png]

There's more than these four, but these were the ones that were the most humorous to me.

RE: The Persona/Persona 5 Hype Thread - poke-e-mon - 06-23-2015


Quote:Following last week’s tease for the second Persona 5 promotional video trailer, five screenshots from PV#02 included with a special movie Blu-ray for Persona 4: Dancing All Night have leaked from an early copy of the game.

Update (2015-06-23): A sixth additional picture has been leaked, added to the bottom of this post.

[Image: Persona-5-PV02-4.jpg]
[Image: Persona-5-PV02-2.jpg]
[Image: Persona-5-PV02-3.jpg]
[Image: Persona-5-PV02-6.jpg]
The Persona 5 special Blu-ray movie is included with all first-print copies of Persona 4: Dancing All Night, releasing in Japan. There haven’t been any more leaks for a bit, but the full trailer will presumably be out, sooner than later.
OH MY GOD THERE'S ANOTHER ONE (with protag looking super suave):
[Image: tumblr_nqdxxqnjDJ1sa950xo1_1280.jpg]


[Image: NEW-P5.jpg] 
[Image: P5-1.jpg]
[Image: P5-2.jpg]
[Image: P5-3.jpg]
[Image: P5-5.jpg]
[Image: P5-4.jpg]
[Image: Persona-5-Velvet-Room-Servants.jpg]
[Image: Persona-5-Velvet-Prison.jpg]
[Image: Persona-5-Igor.jpg]


RE: The Persona/Persona 5 Hype Thread - poke-e-mon - 06-23-2015

I hope it's okay to double post in here, as there is more news! And I don't think I can fit anything else into that last post. As for general stuff, Adachi and Marie were confirmed and now have trailers for P4DAN. Though I think it's unknown as to if they're going to be DLC or part of the base game. And news says that they're even considering making a Persona 3 dancing game if P4DAN does well (though there is more yet to be said about this)...

Buuuut P4DAN's opening!

Not even kidding, that's one of the best game openings I've ever seen.

Atlus has made an announcement regarding posting spoilers/leaking info pertaining to Dancing All Night.
Quote:In the tradition of warning fans against spoiling their recent games with elaborate messages, such as the ones they sent for Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax last year, Atlus has warned players to not spoil Persona 4: Dancing All Night.
[Image: Margaret-Curse.jpg]
Welcoming readers to the Velvet Room, Margaret strictly prohibits spoilers for Persona 4: Dancing All Night. This is especially about spoilers regarding the game’s “Story” mode. An ancient curse will befall upon anyone who goes against the demand.
The official request from Atlus:

Quote:"To be respectful to players, please refrain from posting spoilers of the story through video posting websites, streaming, Twitter or social networking sites.
Additionally, uploading full-length video before the game’s release is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation."
Persona 4: Dancing All Night is releasing in Japan this Thursday, on June 25. The PlayStation Vita exclusive rhythm game has been announced for a North American release in fall 2015.

RE: The Persona/Persona 5 Hype Thread - poke-e-mon - 07-31-2015

New English trailers for Rise, Yu, Kanamin, Teddie, and Chie were uploaded (the most recent is Chie):
Rise: http://youtu.be/UP5TmYl9nYM
Yu: http://youtu.be/aA21M_2Jmxo
Kanamin: http://youtu.be/CQ6JROKCAz4
Teddie: http://youtu.be/X3ZCax8k89c
Chie: http://youtu.be/wuBzWgIZUYo

In my opinion, some of the lines sound kind of... Awkward? I dunno, maybe it's just me. Also, it seems Ashly Burch(?) has replaced Laura Bailey as the voice of Rise for this game. Ashly Burch is cool and all but I don't think her voice sounds... Well, Rise. Again, maybe it's just me. Personally I hope that the Japanese voices are available for this game because of these reasons (Not hating on the English voice acting, in fact I think the series has great dubbing. Also no offense to Ashly.).

And on another note, Miku confirmed!

Truth be told I think they could've added more Persona characters (Morooka pls) instead of Miku but I'll take it.

And here's to hoping for some P5 news at TGS!

RE: The Persona/Persona 5 Hype Thread - Lightning Bolt - 07-31-2015

The Persona 5 hype is real, the binge is real. Persona for best RPG ever am I right? Haha. Aside I love the persona games after just starting them this June, and its been a constant binge of one after another. Need ta preorder DAN so I can get that swanky PS Vita skin also.

RE: The Persona/Persona 5 Hype Thread - Jeroes - 08-02-2015

Something funny that is P4 related.

(I am curious who the villain in P5 would be.)

RE: The Persona/Persona 5 Hype Thread - poke-e-mon - 10-23-2015

Atlus was so kind as to give us a new trailer a while ago:

Though delayed into 2016 but tbh I don't care because the game looks great and Atlus can take all the time they need if they're just making the game better for fans.

I'm the only one who checks up in this thread aren't I oops

RE: The Persona/Persona 5 Hype Thread - poke-e-mon - 01-18-2016

[Image: Persona-Japan-Sales-Data-2016.jpg]

Interesting graphic Persona Central posted about the Persona series sales. Also, it's P5 release year, baby.

RE: The Battletoads/Battletoads 5 Hype Thread - MattAttack67 - 01-18-2016

So hyped for the new Battletoads 5, the graphics look so lifelike