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Pokemon: Johto Adventures - Zoroark - 02-28-2016

Pokemon. These mysterious creatures hold many wonders. No one knows where they came from, but it is hard to not ever marvel at them. You can find Pokemon anywhere from the vast open skies, the deepest part of the sea, through the densest of forests, into the darkest of caves, and even in your own backyard.

For some people, Pokemon are our comrades for everyday life whether its for battling in tournaments, helping out with specific tasks, or just be members of your family. However, there are those who will abuse Pokemon for mischievous acts, even steal them from others, or just see them as nothing but tools.

For Pokemon researchers, there's never a dull moment with these creatures, and are still learning about them. In every region there are people who interact with Pokemon in many different ways, one such group dream of becoming Pokemon Masters, and work diligently to achieve that goal by capturing them and training them to battle against other Pokemon Trainers.. No matter how we see it or how our feelings towards Pokemon are, we all do live in a Pokemon world in a Pokemon universe. Of course, no one said it could be the only one...

No one knows it, but Pokemon history has shown that there are multitudes of things involving people and Pokemon in different timelines, even different alternate universes. 2 such universes involves a Pokemon Trainer by the name of Ash Ketchum. His part in the Pokemon Multiverse is well documented as he strives to become a Pokemon Master with his faithful partner Pikachu. Another speaks of another trainer by the name of 'Red', and his part is also documented as being the Trainer who not only completed the Pokedex, but also is the one who brought down the nefarious group known as Team Rocket and they're leader, Giovanni. These 2 know nothing of the other's existence, let alone there being different universes and different variations of them. But our story isn't about them. Our story takes part in another alternate universe, though you may see some 'familiar' things...

The Johto Region-New Bark Town

In the Northwest Territories lies the Johto Region, a vast region known for quite some history. It was nighttime in the small town of New Bark Town. Mostly covered by lots of green grass and a lush forest to the east, its a fairy pretty quiet town. We visit a little white house with a blue rooftop, a lush rose bush surrounding it along a white picket fence surrounded the structure. Inside we find a boy surrounded by a lot of Pokemon stuff, from bed sheets with some Fire Pokemon on it like Flareon, Charmeleon, and Moltres on it to a big Lapras plush doll in the corner of the room, and a few posters of some top Pokemon trainers on them.

"Alright! That's the way to do it!", yells the young boy. This boy's name is Jimmy Joel, a 10-year-old boy with waist long blonde hair, piercing yet innocent red eyes, and light tanish skin. He was wearing his favorite Fire Pokemon pajamas while watching a Pokemon match on television.

"That's so cool. I can't wait until tomorrow. Even though I've been 10 for a little while now I can get my Pokemon License and become an official Pokemon Trainer. Then I'll travel all over the world and capture as many Pokemon as I can and strive to become a Fire Pokemon Master. That's what I'll-".

"Jimmy Joel! Why are you still up?!"

"Huh? Oh, hi mom."

A young woman who shares Jimmy's skin complexion was standing by his front room door. She had blue eyes and brunette hair lined up in a ponytail. She was wearing a blue shirt with a pink stripe in the middle and a slightly darker long pink skirt. "Jimmy, its past 10 o'clock at night. Why are you still up?"

"Sorry mom, I couldn't sleep. I'm just seeing this Pokemon tournament that's taking place in another region."

"Well, if you can't sleep you should at least watch Professor Elm's evening show. It'll help you decide what Pokemon you'll like to get".

"Alright. The battle ended anyway, so I'll go ahead and see it.", spoke Jimmy as he grabs the remote and changes the channel. On the television there was a man with light tanish brown hair, a white lab coat, small glasses and a turquoise shirt along with pale green pants. It was Professor Elm, and he was addressing to people about 3 Pokemon for new trainers to choose from.

"Okay Jimmy, once this is over you go straight to bed, okay?", asks Jimmy's mom.

"Okay mom, I'll do it."

And so our new story in the Pokemon universe begins, as Jimmy Joel begins his journey into the world of Pokemon...

                                                                             Pokemon: Johto Adventures

                                                                                        Chapter 1 Part 1

                                                                      The New Winds Of Beginning Blows

                                                                         Jimmy & The Runaway Chikorita

New Bark Town-Morning

Morning had arrived at last. At Jimmy's home a Venusaur was nestling by. Jimmy's mom was making breakfast of pancakes & scrambles eggs. "Ah. This should get his motor running.", she says in a cheerful voice.


"What on eart-".

"Oh no! I'm late, I'm late! I'm gonna be la-. Gaaaah!"

Jimmy falls down the stairs and falls flat on his face just as his mom enters the living room. She heard him muffling the word 'medic.' "That boy...just like his father...", she says, chuckling a bit.

A short time later Jimmy and his mom were eating breakfast.

"So...have you decided on what Pokemon you want to get?", she asks him.

Jimmy looks down on his plate for a good while and says, "To be honest...I haven't."

Jimmy's mom looked a little dumbfounded.

"You haven't decided yet? You, the boy who always was so eager to choose his very first Pokemon?"

"Mom, if you're trying to be sarcastic...it's kinda working."

Jimmy looks over at the trophy case his parents had and saw a lot of trophies in them as well as ribbons and rewards. He continues on and says, "Choosing a Pokemon isn't as easy as it was with you and dad. I mean...this is my very first partner, and I want to make a good impression."

"A good impression you say?", says his mom.

"Well...yeah. I mean, I adore Fire Pokemon so Cyndaquil would be a good choice for me. But there's also Totodile & Chikorita to consider. I know they each have they're strengths and weaknesses, but...argh! It's so hard to choose!"

"Why not go with your instinct? That's how your father got his Venusaur out there. And he's never let him down."

"Hmm...trust my instinct...okay mom, I'll do that. I'm going to head for Professor Elm's lab now. I'll see you later!", Jimmy says as he got up and headed for the door.

"Jimmy, perhaps first you should change your clothes. You won't look like a Pokemon Trainer in your P.J.'s."

Jimmy chuckles a bit as he knew his mom was right. He quickly puts on his white shirt with a couple of black stripes at the top, one big blue stripe in the middle, and 3 turquoise stripes at the bottom, his blue jeans, white socks, and black and white sneakers. Jimmy was all set as he runs out of his house. His mom yells, "Jimmy! Don't forget your backpack too!"

New Bark Town-Professor Elm's Lab

"But Professor Elm, how do you expect to run an establishment like this if you can't keep up with your own Pokemon?"

"I know, I know. I was looking at a unique cell division and wasn't paying attention. Now someone's made off with..."

Jimmy arrives at a bluish-gray color building, which turns out to be Professor Elm's laboratory. "Ah, Professor Elm's lab. Time to head on in." Jimmy walks into the front door, not knowing something was watching him.

"Professor Elm? Are you in here. I came to get my Pokemon." Jimmy walks down the corridor and comes to Elm's main research room where he sees him and a blue haired female cop.

"Hm? Oh, Jimmy. You've arrive...much sooner than I expected.", said Elm.

"Huh? You knew I was coming?"

"Of course. With everyone getting they're Pokemon I had assume you come too. But...well...we had one of the Pokemon stolen from my lab."

"What?! Someone actually stole a Pokemon from you?! That's unforgivable."

The cop walks over to Jimmy and says, "You haven't seen anyone suspicious did you? But then again...who's to say you didn't do it."

"Whaaat?! I would never steal a Pokemon. My folks would destroy me if I done something so heinous."

Professor Elm stood up from his chair and said, "Officer Jenny please. Jimmy's an honest kid. I know his parents and I can vouch for Jimmy being a good kid."

"Hmm...alright Professor. But we still need to find that other missing Pokemon."

"Wait...another one was stolen?", said Jimmy.

"No. She actually fled not long after that. Chikorita ran away and I haven't been able to find her.", spoke Professor Elm.

"I've scour the perimeter. I'd say it couldn't have gotten too far. I'm going to have a look around again.", said Officer Jenny as she makes her way out of the room.

"I'll help too. What does Chikorita look like?"

"Here's a picture of what a Chikorita looks like Jimmy." Professor Elm gives Jimmy a small picture of a small, pale green Pokemon with a darker necklace of buds around its neck, a large head in proportion to the rest of its body, large red eyes with what appears to not have any pupils, 4 short legs with a single nailed toe on each of them and a small tail, and a large leaf on its head.

"So that's what Chikorita looks like. Okay, I'll start looking." Jimmy leaves the lab and begins his search.

"Remember Jimmy, Chikorita are normally docile, so don't do anything reckless. Sigh...maybe I should call Professor Oak and get his take on things..."

20 minutes passed and Jimmy was nowhere close to locating Chikorita.

"Man, I thought I'd be able to find her. Guess looking for Pokemon isn't so easy as I thought. Hm? What's that smell? It's quite lovely."

Jimmy walks over to the direction where the smell was coming from. He makes it to a clearing and spots a light green Pokemon with a large leaf on its head lying on the ground, its leaf wavering in the air. Jimmy pulls out the picture and did a comparison. He had found a Chikorita.

"Whew, finally. Heeeey, Chikorita!"

Chikorita opens her eyes and spots Jimmy, gets up immediately and gets into a defensive posture.

"Whoa, hang on. I won't hurt you. I just want to bring you back to Professor Elm's lab, that's it. Please, won't you come with me?"

Jimmy got down on one knee and sticks out his right hand. Chikorita walks over towards Jimmy. He continues to smile as she approaches him. But just before she reaches for his hand, Chikorita hits Jimmy in the face with her leaf.

"Ow!", yells Jimmy as Chikorita laughs. She then turns around, spanks her right side in a taunting gesture and runs off.

"Darn it...I was so close too...", said a disappointed Jimmy.

Professor Elm's Lab

Minutes later Jimmy had arrive back to the lab where Professor Elm & Officer Jenny were waiting. He tells them both of what had happen.

"Hmm...I expected this as much. That Chikorita..."

"Is something wrong Professor Elm? You look a little concerned.", spoke Jimmy.

Professor Elm shakes his head and says, "Well...its just that no one wants that Chikorita."

Jimmy, with a stupefied look on his face says, "What?! No way!"

Professor Elm continues. "The thing is most of the trainers who come to pick up they're Pokemon here would prefer Cyndaquil a Fire-type Pokemon or Totodile a Water-type Pokemon. Seems that the Grass-type of Chikorita isn't as popular these days. Getting passed up time and time again has affected her. And given we had a Pokemon stolen from here...well, she decided to make a break for it."

"I see. Well, I'm heading back out to find her." Jimmy runs out the door.

"Jimmy wait! Ugh, he's gone."

"Kids these days have a lot of energy Professor.", chuckles Officer Jenny.

Jimmy continued to search for Chikorita for about 17 minutes until he smelled something nice. "That smell...there's no mistaken it. That's Chikorita!" Jimmy runs into the direction of the scent and finds Chikorita lying on the grass sunbathing again.

"There you are Chikorita. I had hope to find you again."

Chikorita opens her eyes, spots Jimmy and got into her defensive posture again.

"Chikorita listen. I'm not here to hurt you, I swear. Please, will you come back with me to the lab? It's going to be alright."

After getting down on one knee again Jimmy sticks out his hand towards Chikorita. She walks over to him, and like before slaps his face with her head leaf, chuckles and was about to do her taunt again.

"Yeah, I suppose I deserve that." Chikorita stops short of her spanking taunt and turns her head slightly.

"I understand your frustration Chikorita. You got passed on by trainer after trainer for Cyndaquil and Totodile. You feel rejected & dejected. But...we humans have an old saying. 'Every cloud has a silver lining'. I know there is a trainer out there who would be proud to have you as they're partner."

Chikorita turns around and faces Jimmy as he continues to speak. "If you give up on waiting for your trainer now, you'll never achieve your dream. I promise it will work out for you. So please, I'm asking you if you can come back to the lab with me?"

Jimmy sticks his hand out again, and Chikorita, with her eyes twinkling, extends a Vine Whip and grabs hold of Jimmy's hand and gives what sounded like a happy 'Chika Chika'. Jimmy smiles.

Professor Elm's Lab

Jimmy, with Chikorita with him, returns to the Pokemon lab and Professor Elm was very relieved. After giving Chikorita a thorough examination, he informs Jimmy that Chikorita was in excellent health.

"I'm glad to hear that Professor.", says Jimmy. Jimmy looks at Chikorita, still seeing that twinkle in her eyes, and nods.

Minutes later, Professor Elm brings in Chikorita, a Cyndaquil, and a Totodile. "Well Jimmy, sorry to have kept you waiting. Now its time for you to pick your first Pokemon. We have here the Fire Pokemon Cyndaquil, the Water-type Pokemon Totodile, and of course the Grass-type Pokemon Chikorita. So...who would you like to choose?"

"There all so cute Professor, its actually hard to choose. Totodile does look awesome, and Chikorita showed a lot of spirit. Cyndaquil is the type of Pokemon I like too and I like to be the best Fire Pokemon trainer ever."

When Chikorita heard that, she was starting to look depressed again.

Jimmy walks over to the trio and got down on one knee. "Chikorita, my dream is to be the best with Fire Pokemon and as I said there is a trainer out there who would love to have you as they're Pokemon. *Chikorita was about to cry when Jimmy picks her up* And that's why I'm choosing you as my partner."

Chikorita had a shocked look on her face as Jimmy continues. "Even though I love Fire Pokemon, I want to learn a lot about other Pokemon as well. And I've love for it if you can help me achieve my new dream of becoming a Pokemon Master."

Hearing this, Chikorita broke down into tears and buries her head onto Jimmy's right shoulder. "There there. Don't cry."

"It's alright Jimmy. Chikorita just have tears of joy now.", spoke Officer Jenny. Jimmy couldn't help but smile.

Outside the lab minutes later Officer Jenny got onto her motorcycle and bids Jimmy and Elm a happy adieu and goes on her way.

"I do hope she finds that thief.", Jimmy thought to himself.

"Jimmy, I have something for you. Here is Chikorita's Poke Ball and 5 additional Poke Balls to start with. You can buy more types of Poke Balls at the Poke Marts. Also, here's a genuine Pokedex. While you were out, I was visited by my old colleague and mentor, Professor Oak."

"Wait, what?! Professor Samuel Oak?! Really?! He's like a famous celebrity on Pokemon!"

"Yes yes Jimmy. I can understand. I was hoping you get the chance to meet him in the flesh, but he had to go over to Goldenrod City for his daily radio show I'm afraid. Hopefully someday you two will meet.", said Professor Elm.

Jimmy laughs a bit, then Elm says, "Well, you might want to let your mom know that you are set to go. Don't want her to get worries, right?"

"Oh, right. I'll let my mom know. Thanks Professor.", Jimmy says as he runs off.

"Hmm...I know Jimmy will do good. Still...that poor stolen Pokemon. A Pokemon raised by someone bad would turn bad itself. Sigh...that poor Totodile..."

Jimmy arrives at his home minutes later.

"Mom! You here!", yells Jimmy as he runs around the house as Chikorita holds on to his hair for dear life.

"Jimmy, I'm in the living room. Why are you-."

Jimmy entered the living room and slides on the carpet. "Waaaaah!" He crashes into the wall and Chikorita takes a face plant like him as they both fall to the floor.

"That boy...", Jimmy's mom chuckles a bit.

Minutes later Jimmy and Chikorita were up and about. "So, that's your Pokemon? She's adorable."

Chikorita gives a happy 'Chika' sound. "Yep. Serena & I are going to be traveling together.", Jimmy says.

"Serena? She a girl you met?"

"Yep. *He points to Chikorita who was on his right shoulder.* Serena's right here.", Jimmy says with a little laugh.

"Ah, so you're going to name your Pokemon. That's cute. Many people should do things with Pokemon they feel will make them and they're Pokemon more comfortable. So...you'll be heading out to start your own Pokemon Journey huh? *Jimmy nods at her* Well then, I should give you this then."

Jimmy's mom hands him a blue and white device.

"Ah! My Pokemon Gear! Finally, its repaired."

"Honestly young man, I don't know how you were able to break it on the first day your father send it to you. So, I guess you better head over to the Pokemon Center then."

"Hm? How come?"

"Well, for one thing other than to heal up your Pokemon you can register for the Johto League Silver Conference."

"Wait? I can?! How?!"

"Didn't Professor Elm tell you that? *Jimmy just looks at Serena and they just chuckle a bit* That Elm...too busy with his research. Anywho, I noticed you have a Pokedex with you. Just go to the Pokemon Center, give the Pokedex to the receptionist and they'll do the rest."

"Oh...alright mom. I'll do that. Be seeing you!" Jimmy runs out the door.

Jimmy heads out and yells, "Don't forget to change your underwear each day! *She can't help but smile* Just like his father and me...", she giggles a bit.

Minutes later, Jimmy arrives at a white building with a pinkish rooftop with a giant 'P' on top. "Ah, the Pokemon Center. Time to go inside."

Jimmy walks to the counter and spoke to the receptionist, Nurse Joy, She had blue eyes, light tan-color skin, had pink hair with the ends being in a loop on each side, and wore a traditional white nurse outfit. "Excuse me, I...well...I like for you to check on my Pokemon please...and to register for the Johto League too."

Nurse Joy replies, "Sure. We here at the Pokemon Center can do that."

"Cool. But...uh...er...I don't exactly have enough money to cover the expenses."

Nurse Joy giggles. "You're very silly. Registration for the Johto League Silver Conference is free of charge, and tending to your Pokemon is also free."

"Oh...ehehehe. Well then, Serena, let's put you back into your Poke-. *Serena shakes her head and says 'Chika Chika Chika' out loud* I promise it'll be okay. But I can understand if you don't want to go back into your Poke Ball for now."

Jimmy takes Serena and gives her to Nurse Joy. Joy along with a Chansey make they're way to the back room. Jimmy then waits in the lobby and saw a promotional poster for the Johto League. "I wonder if the others will take part too...", Jimmy thought to himself. Minutes later the Pokemon Center bell rings.

"Jimmy, your Pokemon is all healed up." Jimmy walks up to the front desk and got Serena. She leaps into his arms and perches on his left shoulder.

"Thank you Nurse Joy.", he says and Nurse Joy replies, "No need for thanks. Now please give me your Pokedex and we'll get you registered. *Jimmy hands her his Pokedex. Joy puts it in a slot by a computer and she starts typing. She finishes and hands it back to him* Well Mr. Jimmy Joel, you are officially registered to the Johto League."

"Cool. Does that mean I can take part in it now?"

Nurse Joy chuckles. "No silly. I'm sure you read the poster over there right?"

"Oh...right, I forgot. Before I can take part in the Silver Conference I must travel around Johto first and take on the Gym Leaders here and acquire they're Gym Badges as proof, right?"

"Exactly. Here's a Johto Guide Book for your journey. I'm sure it'll help out. *She gives him a white and red book with a Poke Ball symbol on it.* You'll need a minimum of 8 Gym Badges to take part in the Johto League. The closest Pokemon Gym to us will be the one in Violet City. That's a good place for you to start.", suggests Nurse Joy.

"Okay then. Thank you Nurse Joy. Let's go Serena, our big adventure awaits. Let's make our dreams come true!"

Jimmy runs out the door and heads for the route that will take him to Violet City. And so Jimmy Joel, with his partner Chikorita, Serena, heads out to make his dream of becoming a Pokemon Master a reality. Jimmy and Serena's long journey in the Pokemon world together, begins...

To Be Continued...

Next Time: Chapter 1 Part 2:
A Three-Way Hot Blooded Battle
Meet Your New Rivals Jimmy

RE: Pokemon: Johto Adventures - Zoroark - 03-05-2016

Jimmy Joel, a young boy from the city of New Bark Town in the Johto Region, embarks on his journey to learn about the mysterious creatures known as Pokemon and (in the process of learning about Fire Pokemon) to also become a Pokemon Master. He left New Bark an hour ago with his Pokemon, a Chikorita he names 'Serena', as the pair travel together. Heeding Professor Elm's advise, Jimmy will make his attempt to try out for the Johto League Silver Conference, the local Pokemon Battle Tournament held in the Johto Region. Much like the famed Indigo League in the nearby Kanto Region, many Pokemon Trainers will do they're best to win the tournament, but to enter it a trainer is required to get a minimum of 8 Johto Gym Badges to qualify. For Jimmy, his first stop is to take on the Pokemon Gym in Violet City.

Jimmy, with Serena perched on the back of his head, pass by a baseball field. Jimmy stops to see some young kids playing baseball.

"Ah, that takes me back. I use to have played baseball. I loved to play Second Base. Made plenty of errors but that nevr stopped me."

Serena makes a light 'Chika' sound, which Jimmy interprets as if she wanted to know a bit more.

"Hm? I guess you wouldn't know it. Baseball is a game we humans play. The object of the game is to hit the ball being thrown at you with a bat. Once you hit it you make an attempt to run towards those little white squares in the ground we call bases. If you can make it all the way around back to home, you score a point for your team. You get it?"

Serena only scratches her head and makes another 'Chika' sound.

Jimmy laughs a bit and says, "I guess you have to play it to get a better understanding of it. But there's plenty of time for that. Well, guess we best be going. Violet City's still calling our name."

Serena makes a confused 'Chika Chika' sound.

"Heh heh, no silly. It's just an expression."

And so Jimmy walks away from the baseball field just as he hears a few of the kids cheering.

                                                                                  Chapter 1 Part 2

                                                                      A Three-Way Hot Blooded Battle

                                                                         Meet Your New Rivals Jimmy

After walking for a good while Jimmy looks at his PokeGear and saw that it was only after 2:00 P.M. He decides to sit down under a shady tree, removes his Poke Ball-shaped backpack, and took out a water bottle canister, a peanut butter & jelly sandwich wrapped in a protective zipper bag, and a Pokemon Food Canister. While eating his sandwich in one hand he gave the food pellets to Serena, who happily eats them. After they're little break Serena climbs into Jimmy's arms.

"It sure is a great day...its only been a couple of hours since we left New Bark. We practiced a bit to see how strong you are, had a couple of scrapes but we manage to pull it off. So Serena...would you like to stay outside your Poke Ball for a little while?"

Serena looks at him with a confused look on here faced and gave a soft 'Chika' reply.

Jimmy reaches for his Pokedex and says, "I know its not unusual, but the Pokedex did explain it to me."

Jimmy opens up his Pokedex, pushes a couple of buttons, and it says, "For Pokemon Trainers, a Pokemon is required to be kept inside its Poke Ball. However, some Pokemon don't like to be confined into them."

"I also found out my Pokedex also acts like my I.D., so if something happens I can prove who I am and such. With that said Serena, I'll leave the decision to you."

The only thing Serena did was give a happy 'Chika' sound and snuggles her head into Jimmy's chest.

"Then its decided then." Jimmy looks up at the sky and not realizing it both he and Serena would fall asleep.

*"Wow. So you're...a human? This is so exciting. I've never met a human before. We should meet pretty soon. I know we're fated to meet, so I'm looking forward to meeting you soon."*

*"Huh?! What?! That voice...where's it coming from? Who are you? And what do you mean by 'we're fated to meet'? Hello? Hello?"*

Jimmy wakes up from his nap. Serena was already awake and by his side. Jimmy took his PokeGear and found out he was sleeping for about 3 hours.

"That voice...was it a dream? It didn't felt like it. We're fated to meet...who's voice was that?"

Jimmy looks at Serena who was concerned about him. Jimmy just smiles and says, "Don't worry Serena, I'm good. Guess I must have had some kind of bad dream. No need for concern. How about we get going?"

Jimmy packs up his stuff, Serena leaps onto his left shoulder, and Jimmy puts on his backpack and continues onward.

Dusk had begun to settle in as Jimmy and Serena kept on going. Jimmy looks up at the sky and says, "Man, these sunsets are very beautiful. I can just lay back and-."

Before Jimmy can finish, a loud noise ended the peace. He heard someone yelling, "No, stop! This isn't a Pokemon battle!"

"Huh? What was that?"

Jimmy headed for where he heard the yell.

Jimmy makes it to a little ridge side and spotted 3 people down below. One was a boy who seemed about Jimmy's age. He had light skin and was wearing a red and black vest with a white short sleeved undershirt, yellow and black shorts that were a little below the knees, white socks, and red and black striped sneakers. He had green eyes, short spiky black hair and wore a yellow and black cap.

The second person was a girl who had long light brown hair that went to her lower back, a light tan skin color, wore a turquoise tank top, a white skirt with a pink stripe circling around the lower exterior of it, long white socks and wore pink sneakers with a single white stripe circling them. She had sky blue eyes and was wearing a hat on her head that had the same color palette as her skirt.

The last one was a guy with long, yet short red hair that went a little past his shoulders. He wore a dark purple long sleeve shirt with a single red stripe lining the top, long black pants and all black sneakers. His eyes were piercing like Jimmy's but more menicing looking, and like Jimmy had red eyes. Jimmy also spotted 2 Pokemon too.

One was a small bipedal shrew-like mouse with bluish fur with a milky underside, it seemed to have closed eyes, a long thin snout, small forelimbs and a single claw on each hind foot. The other was a small bipedal blue crocodile that had red spines, 3 of them larger on back with ridges and a smaller one on the tail. It had a large head with ridges above the eyes, 2 visible teeth at the tip of its upper jaw and 2 rows of 3 teeth on each side of the lower jaw, a yellow V-shape pattern on its chest with a line bisecting it, 5 sharp claws on each hand and 3 toes, and red eyes surrounded by what seems to be either a dark blue or black pattern. 

"Cool. A Totodile and a Cyndaquil." Jimmy tooked out his Pokedex and read they're Pokedex entries.

"Totodile, the Big Jaw Pokemon. These Pokemon have a highly develop jaw that is so powerful it can crush anything. Trainers must beware for these Pokemon will bite anything that moves. Cyndaquil, the Fire Mouse Pokemon. These Pokemon are normally mild and even tempered, but when anger will shoot a scorching flame from its back."

"Hm? I wonder what's going on here?", Jimmy thought to himself.

"Grrr. Give it back. I know it was you who did it!"

"Humph. What makes you believe I'm a thief. I'm a Pokemon Trainer like you. Who are you to accuse me of thievery, huh!"

"Stop it! You two need to stop this. This isn't a Pokemon battle!"

"Hm? That girl was the one yelling. What does she mean by that?", Jimmy thought to himself.

The red-headed boy said, "Why don't you tell your girlfriend to stay out of this?"

"She's not my girlfriend. She's just some girl I mt while traveling to find you!"

"Hey! Grrr, why are all boys so stubborn?!"

"Whoa...this is getting ugly...", Jimmy thought to himself.

"I have had enough of this. Totodile, get rid of that pest with your Water Gun."

Totodile gave a 'Toto' sound and spits out a jet stream of water straight at the cap-wearing boy.

"Gaaaah!", yells the boy. Jimmy quickly says, "Quick Serena, use your Razor Leaf attack and block that water!"

Serena gives a 'Chika!' sound, leaps from his shoulder, says 'Chika' 3 more times and on the third fires off a flurry of spinning leaves from her head leaf. The 2 attacks meet, resulting in a stalemate.

"Huh! Where did that-.", says the red-haired boy and Jimmy yells, "Hey! What kind of Pokemon battle is this!"

The others look at Jimmy as he came sliding down the ridge to meet the 3 of them.

"Grrr. Who are you and why are you interloping on this?", demanded the red-haired boy.

"I may not know what's going on here, but this isn't what a Pokemon battle is. You were going to attack a fellow trainer who isn't even properly protected. What kind of trainer are you?", asked Jimmy.

"Hmph. As if I need to explain it to the like of you kid. I'm the victim here. Your pal is accusing e of stealing this Totodile."

"Wait. Did you say..." Jimmy remembered what Professor Elm told him hours earlier about someone stealing a Pokemon from his lab.

"Because you did it, and I know it. Me and my Cyndaquil will make sure to get that Totodile back."

"Hold on a second. How do you know if,-"

"Shut it kid. If you get involve in this, then I'll not only take this thief on, but I'll take you on as well."

"Whoa, wait on just a-."

"I can't agree more. I'll battle you both. Totodile, use Scratch on that wimp's Cyndaquil!"

"Like you'll stop me. Cyndaquil, go in for a Tackle!"

Totodile with his right arm up, runs towards Cyndaquil while Cyndaquil ran full steam at Totodile.

"Stop it you all!", yells the girl.

"Serena, grab them both with your Vine Whip!", Jimmy says. With a 'Chika Chika' sound, Serena stretches out her 2 Vine Whips and manages to grab both Totodile and Cyndaquil, then threw them both back at each other's trainer, knocking them both down.

"Look, as I said this isn't a Pokemon battle. I wanted to know what was going on. Instead you 2 are going at it as if you both are longtime rivals out for blood."

The girl was watching as Jimmy took command of things. "Wow...he stop them both in they're tracks. He must be a good trainer to have pulled that off."

"You...grrr! Totodile, use Water Gun on him!" Totodile makes a 'Toto...dile' sound and shot out another jet stream of water, but Serena makes a 'Chika!' sound and deflects the Water Gun with her Vine Whip, taking the other 3 trainers by surprise.

"What? He...he didn't even issue a command to his Pokemon, and it just...wow...this kid's really good.", the girl thought.

The 2 boys were stupefied by what Serena did. "Wha....but....how was it that your Pokemon did an attack without you telling it what to do?!", asked the cap-wearing boy.

"Because I know how to treat my Pokemon with kindness." Jimmy picks up Serena and says, "Maybe if you do the same, you'll find out more about your Pokemon."

"Bah, I have had enough of this. Totodile return!" The red-haired boy took out Totodile's Poke Ball from his belt and a red beam of light hits Totodile, making contact with him and Totodile is called back. The boy then begins to walk away.

"Hold on, I'm not done with you!", yells the other boy, but the red-haired boy only says, "I got better things to do than to waste my time with a weakling like you."

"Better things to do? You mean you're going to try out for the Silver League?," Jimmy asks.

"As a matter of fact I am. You better get use to hearing my name, for it is Marcus Moreno. I will become the world's best Pokemon Trainer!" Marcus then walks off.

"Marcus Moreno...", Jimmy thought to himself.

"Darn it! I'm too weak. I've got to get back that stolen Pokemon for Professor Elm...", said the boy.

"You mentioned Professor Elm...does that mean you got your Cyndaquil from him?", asked Jimmy.

"Yeah. Not long after I left New Bark Town I ran back because I forgot something. The Prof. then told me one of his Pokemon got stolen. He didn't exactly get a good look at the thief though. However...I did notice that red-haired boy skulking about before all that happened..."

"It would be ashamed if it was true...", Jimmy thought to himself.

"Anyway, thanks. I got some training to do. The name's Kamon McCloud by the way. I recently moved to New Bark from the Kanto region. You and your Chikorita are good."

"Thanks. I'm Jimmy Joel from New Bark Town. And...oh, that girl. Um..."

Jimmy and Kamon looked over to her and she says, "Oh...eheheheh...guess I'll introduce myself. I'm Amy Davis. I'm from nowhere special really, eheheh...", Amy says as she looks away from them, but then says, "Your Chikorita is adorable." She pulls out her own Pokedex and looks up Serena's Pokedex entry.

"Chikorita, the Leaf Pokemon. These Pokemon are always looking for warmth and humidity places by using the leaf on they're heads to scan they're surroundings. Chikorita are also known for loving to sunbathe."

"Just adorable." Amy says, then Kamon gets up and says, "Well anyway, I better get going. Let's meet somewhere again and have a proper Pokemon battle." Kamon then leaves the area.

"Hmm...guess I'll be going too. Thanks for your help." Amy says and despite a hesitant step, she takes off running.

"What a strage girl. Well, I guess we best get going too, huh Serena?"

Serena gives a happy 'Chika Chika' sound, and after taking her place on Jimmy's left shoulder Jimmy walks off, unaware that someone was looking at him.

"He's good...even for a rookie Trainer..."

After meeting these 3 people, Jimmy continues on, with the though of making it to Violet City and getting his first Johto Gym Badge still on his mind.

To Be Continued...

Next Time...
Chapter 1 Part 3:
Katrina & Brian
The Fearless Pidgey & The Bold Nidoran

RE: Pokemon: Johto Adventures - Zoroark - 03-10-2016

Dusk was beginning to settle in as Jimmy continued on his journey to the Violet Gym in Violet City. Jimmy and his Chikorita Serena had entered a forest and Jimmy was looking at the map feature of his PokeGear.

"Hmm...seems that the closest Pokemon Center is in a place called Florando, but we won't be able to reach the city by nightfall. Seems that we'll be amping out tonight."

Serena makes a 'Chika Chika' sound, indicating she didn't mind it.

"So we agree then. Well, it is still pretty early for dusk. We can look for some Pokemon for me to capture before it becomes fully dark. If I'm going to become a Pokemon Master I'm going to need to catch more Pokemon and train them to the best of they're abilities."

Serena makes a 'Chika' sound, idicating her approval. Just as Jimmy smiles at her he hears something make a 'Pidgu' sound.

"Hm? What was that?", Jimmy said. Just then a small plump-bodied bird landed on the grassy ground and began to peck at it.  It was mostly brown in its plumage with a cream-colored face as well as a cream-colored underside and flight feathers, it's feet and beak were pinkish-gray in color, had black angular markings around its eyes, and a small crest of brown and cream colored feathers were above its eyes. Jimmy had found himself a Pidgey.

"Whoa, its a Pidgey.", Jimmy said.

                                                                                                Chapter 1 Part 3
                                                                                                Katrina & Brian
                                                                             The Fearless Pidgey & The Bold Nidoran

Jimmy took out his Pokedex and read Pidgey's Pokedex entry. "Pidgey, the Tiny Bird Pokemon. This Pokemon is by far the most gentlest among all the known Flying-types. While it is perfect for a beginning Pokemon Trainer to test they're Pokemon's skills, be aware that Pidgey can whip up a powerful tornado with its Gust attack."

"Okay then. Serena, its time to see how we do in our first official Pokemon capture.", Jimmy says.

Serena gave a concern 'Chika' sound, but Jimmy reassures her of his plan. "I have confidence in you Serena. Together we can do this."

She gives another concern 'Chika' sound, but then makes a confident 'Chika' sound.

Pidgey was still pecking the ground but then notices Jimmy approaching it.

"Pidgey, I plan to become a Pokemon Master. I challenge you to a battle right here and now. Prepare yourself."

Serena leaps off of Jimmy's shoulder and onto the ground, then makes a 'Chika' sound, indicating she was ready to battle.

"Okay Serena, you read-." Before Jimmy could finish, he noticed the Pidgey was in a battle stance, with its wings all spread out. He even saw the Pidgey was smiling and heard it make a 'Pidgu' sound. "You know...if I didn't know any better, I'd say that Pidgey was saying 'Come At Me!', or something. I admire its confidence. Okay Serena, use Vine Whip."

Serena makes 3 'Chika' sounds and extends her vines towards Pidgey, but it takes off to avoid the attack.

"Boy, its fast." Pidgey then made a dive swoop down towards Serena. "Okay, looks like a Tackle attack. Then we'll counter with our own Tackle. Let's go Serena."

Serena and the Pidgey tackled each other, the end result being a stalemate between them. They both get knocked back.

"Wow, that Pidgey's good." Pidgey went in for another Tackle. "Okay Serena, listen up. Let Pidgey get in close, okay?"

Serena makes a 'Chika Chika' sound, indicating her trust in Jimmy. The Pidgey was getting closer and closer, until...

"Now Serena, use your Vine Whip to jump!" With quick response, Serena extends her vines and pounds the ground to get leverage. She was able to avoid and startle the Pidgey.

"Quick, grab hold of it with your vines." Serena was able to grab hold of Pidgey while still in mid-air, immobolizing it.

"Alright Serena, use Tackle!" Serena, still holding onto Pidgey, makes a dive bomb towards it. She rams into the Pidgey, sending it flying.

Jimmy plucks a Poke Ball from his belt, pushes the button on it and enlarges it. "Okay, Poke Ball go!" Jimmy tosses it at the falling Pidgey. It opens and Pidgey turns into a red light and goes inside the round capsule. The Poke Ball falls to the ground and begins to shake. As Jimmy and Serena watch, the seconds felt like eons. After about 5 shakes, the ball stops moving and a 'bell ping' sound is made.

"We...we did it. Yes Serena! We got our first new friend, a Pidgey!" Serena makes a proud 'Chika' sound.

Jimmy walks over to the Poke Ball, picks it up, and lets the Pidgey out. She makes a 'Pidgu' sound.

"So Pidgey, I like to thank you for the battle, and welcome to the team. With your help, we'll make our team stronger by catching more Pokemon friends. Will you help us?"

Pidgey makes a happy 'Pidgu' sound, flies up and perches on top of Jimmy's head.

Serena gets onto Jimmy's left shoulder and Jimmy says, "Heheh, that's good to know. Serena, looks like our team has a new member."

Serena makes a happy 'Chika' sound, but then the Pidgey makes some 'Pidgu' sounds.

"Hm? You want me to give you a name too? Okay then, what should I call you? Hmmm...well, my Pokedex does show like Serena you're a girl. So...I can call you Valerie or Kaithlyn or...how about Katrina?"

The Pidgey thought for a few moments, and makes a happy 'Pidgu' sound.

"Okay then, Katrina it is then."

Katrina makes a happy 'Pidgu' sound, but then she looks behind her as if alerted to something.

"I know Katrina, don't be worried. I know your out there, so why not come on out?", Jimmy yells.

Just then a girl appears from the bushes all startled.

"Waaaaa! Okay okay, you caught me!"

Jimmy spotted Amy Davis, the girl he saw earlier in the day.

"Wait, I've seen you before. Your that...um...Tammy?

"No. My name is Amy Davis."

Amy leaves the bushes and approaches Jimmy.

"I'm surprised you're still out here. I thought after going off after the two others you be at least halfway out of this forest." Jimmy said.

"Well...I could have...but...um..."

"And yet you were following me. Why?"

"F-f-following you?! I-I done no such thing! It's just a coincidence I ran into you here, that's all!"

"And yet you were hiding in the bushes. Why?"

Eeek! What is this, 20 questions?!" Jimmy laughs hysterically, making Amy mad. Just then they heard some rustling in some nearby bushes. Jimmy stops laughing just as a small quadruped rodent-like Pokemon appeared. It was pinkish purple in color with darker spots, had large spiny ears, a set of over-sized front teeth, and red eyes. It's back was covered with many large spines and had a long pointed horn on its forehead.

"Cool, its a Nidoran." Jimmy looks it up in the Pokedex and saw a blue one instead. "A female Nidoran? No, that's not it, let's see..." He pushes a couple of buttons and found the other Nidoran's Pokedex entry.

"Nidoran (male), the Poison Pin Pokemon. This Pokemon has a larger horn than its female counterpart. It's Horn Attack is not only powerful, but can also release a potent poison if Nidoran feels threatened."

"So there's 2 of them. Cool, the one I found is a male. Katrina, can you help me catch him?"

"Katrina makes a happy 'Pidgu' sound, and Amy says, "Hold on. You just caught that Pidgey, and now you're gonna use it to catch that Nidoran? You haven't properly trained it yet."

"Perhaps...but it'll work out." Jimmy goes into his backpack and pulls out a Potion spray, sprays Katrina, then sends her down just as Nidoran looks at them.

"Nidoran, I come to capture you. Battle my Pidgey right now will you?" Nidoran makes a 'Nido' sound, then makes a second 'Nido' sound and made a defensive stance.

"Okay Katrina, let's use Tackle." Katrina flies into the air then makes a dive swoop at Nidoran. Nidoran took the hit, then starts its counter attack by pecking at Katrina.

"A Nidoran that can use Peck? Awesome, okay Katrina, another Tackle attack." Katrina strikes the Nidoran again, knocking him back.

"This is dangerous. Can't you just have your Pidgey use its Gust attack?", asks Amy, but Jimmy says, "I would if she knows it, but she hasn't learn that attack yet. One more Tackle Katrina!"

She strikes Nidoran hard, knocking him back. Katrina then had what appeared to be a purplish-like electric current run pass her body. It was an indication she was poisoned.

"Oh no, that Nidoran has Poison Point!", said Amy.

Jimmy quickly took out a Poke Ball from his belt. "Poke Ball, go!" He tosses it at Nido ran and he gets envelop into red light and goes inside the Poke Ball. After a few shakes it stops and makes a 'ping' sound. "Yes! We got a Nidoran!" Jimmy says. Katrina makes a happy 'Pidgu' sound just before she falls to the ground.

"Ah, Katrina!", Jimmy yells as he rushes to her aid. He picks her up and saw she had a suffering look on her face.

Jimmy lets Nidoran out of his Poke Ball just as Amy reaches him and looks at Katrina. "I was hoping this Nidoran had the Rivalry ability and not the Poison Point one...", Amy said.

"You know about its abilities?", Jimmy asked.

"Well...I have had done some studying. Both Nidoran have 2 types of abilities: Rivalry and Poison Point. Rivalry allows a 25% power boost in Pokemon's Attack and Special Attack strength if the foe is the same gender as it is, but decreases by the same amount if the foe is the opposite gender. Poison Point (which your Nidoran has) has a 30% chance of poisoning the foe if the foe makes direct attack that requires physical contact against the Pokemon with that ability."

"Katrina...crap, I knew I should have brought some Antidote!", Jimmy yells.

Katrina makes a couple of agonizing 'Pidgu' sounds before making a loud screaming 'Pidgu' sound.

"What? N-no way! Your...your Pidgey...she just fought off the poisoning!"

"Huh?!" Jimmy looks at Katrina's face as she opens her eyes slowly. She didn't have an agonizing look on her face anymore and makes a soft 'Pidgu' sound, indicating she was alright. "Katrina...", Jimmy says as he hugs her.

Nidoran makes a concern 'Nido' sound, but Katrina makes a 'Pidgu' sound while Serena makes 2 'Chika' sounds. Nidoran made a happy 'Nido' sound.

"It's pretty amazing. Such is a rare case for Pokemon. I only heard about it, but normally you can cure a Pokemon's poisoning with an Antidote, but for it to overpower the poisoning by just sheer willpower...I'm totally amazed. You have a very dependable Pidgey.", Amy says and Jimmy laughs a bit.

After spraying Katrina with another Potion, Jimmy looks up at the sky and saw it was getting darker.

"Looks like we wont be advancing any further tonight. Serena, Katrina, Brian, what do you say we camp out here tonight?"

All 3 of his Pokemon gave they're approval.

"You named him Brian? Your naming your Pokemon?" Amy asks.

"Of course. It's my own way of individuality with them." Jimmy then looks at Amy and asks her, "You like to camp out with us too Amy?"

"What?! Me?! O-of course n-not! I-I got my own campsite, and...uh..."

"It's okay. I'll get dinner started."

"Um...o-okay, but only because you offered."

Night had fallen and Jimmy was stirring up some chopped fruit in a stew pot over a small campfire.

"Uh...are you making...Fruit Stew...?", Amy asks and Jimmy only says, "Yep." Amy watches on as Jimmy continues to cook.

Sometime later the stew was done and everyone had a bowl. Amy had a look of concern on her face. "I don't know about this."

"Try it. I'm sure you'll love it."

Amy sighs and says, "Alright, down the hatch." She sips at the soup as well as Jimmy's Pokemon. "This...this...this tastes...AWESOME!", Amy yells. Serena, Katrina, and Brian also were voicing they're approval.

"Wow Jimmy, I didn't know you were good at cooking. Who taught you how to make such a culinary masterpiece?"

"Well, I wouldn't call it a culinary masterpiece. It's just my parents are good at cooking, and they're parents before them. I guess I picked up on that.", Jimmy said with a chuckle.

After everyone had they're fill Jimmy puts out the campfire and he and Amy got into they're sleeping bags. Katrina was perched in a tree asleep while Brian was on the ground, also asleep. Serena was laying on Jimmy's torso asleep as he was looking at the many stars in the night sky.

"Boy, you can't see all those stars like this in New Bark Town."

"Jimmy, can I ask you something?", Amy asks.

"Hm? What is it?"

"Your Pokemon...you're not putting them inside they're Poke Balls?"

"Nah. Well...except for when we go on the road, but Serena's a special case. I asked her if she like to walk with me and she was happy of that. Serena doesn't seem to mind either way. My dad told me once upon a time before Poke Balls were invented Trainers use to walk with they're Pokemon. He said it built up they're character, and had a kind of 'mystical' feel to them. I wish to see if I can experience that, so I'm walking with Serena."

"I see. That does sound like a good thing."

"Yep. Once I stock up in the next town I'll be heading off to Violet City to take on the Violet City Gym Leader."

"Violet City Gym? Wait...are you saying you're going to take on the Johto League?!", Amy asked, showing what looks like a grim look on her face.

"Of course. I am a Pokemon Trainer alright, so its only natural for me to do so. Once I earn my first Gym Badge, it'll make my dream come closer a bit to learn all I can about Fire-type Pokemon."

"Fire-type Pokemon? You're learning about them? But...then why did you pick Chikorita as your starter than a Cyndaquil?"

"Because I trusted my instincts."

Amy was confused. "You...trusted your instincts?"

"Yeah. I felt a kind of connection towards Serena, and I decided to pick her. Together, well make our dreams come true. It's getting late, so I'm going to go ahead and sleep. Gotta get up bright and early. Goodnight Amy."

Jimmy then falls asleep, and Amy thinks to herself, "Making your dreams come true...if that's true, then going to Violet City to face off against that Gym Leader with those 3 Pokemon could only end in a nightmare. Sigh...that Pidgey may have a chance, but the other 2...this kid...he's getting in over his head..." Amy then falls asleep too.

The next morning Jimmy was up and about. Amy soon woke up too, still half asleep. Jimmy had already called back both Brian and Katrina and Serena was on his right shoulder.

"Huh...y-your leaving already?", a stunned Amy asked.

"Yeah. I said I wanted to get up bright and early. I'll be seeing you." Jimmy starts to leave just as Amy was yelling, "Hold on, wait!"

Jimmy stops just as Amy also packs up, but more in a bit of a sloppy manner.

"What is it?," he asked.

"Well...the thing is...you don't mind if I tag along with you?"

"Hm? You want to travel with me?"

"W-well sure. Traveling with friends is always the coolest with Pokemon, ehehehe..."

"Well...alright. It's always nice to have someone to talk to. But you might want to get a bit more organized first before we go.", Jimmy says with a laugh.

"Hey! It's not funny! I'm not a morning person you know!"

After getting more organized, Amy along with Jimmy and Serena make they way onward. They're destination: Violet City and for Jimmy to get his first Gym Badge.

"I hope this kid's ready. His dream could come to an end...", Amy thought to herself.

To be continued...

Next Time: Ch. 1 Part 4
The Exhibitions Begin!
Show Your Meddle Ditto!

RE: Pokemon: Johto Adventures - Zoroark - 03-19-2016

Continuing on his journey to Violet City, Jimmy with Serena perched on his left shoulder, continues to walk through a forest. They are joined by Amy Davis, whom they met a couple of days earlier. They were almost out of the forest when Amy says, "Look! The forest's clearing up!"

The pair run and made it out of the forest. Ahead of them was a large city. Jimmy checks the map of his PokeGear and says, "Hmm...according to the map it says the city we've arrived in is called Florando."

Amy, with a guide book in hand, starts screaming with joy.

"Whoa! Why are you screaming?", Jimmy asks.

"Because we came at the right time!"

Jimmy was confused. "What do you mean by 'the right time'?" Amy grabs hold of Jimmy's hand and he says, "Hey! Let go!"

"Come on! I'll show you why!"

Amy runs off, taking Jimmy with her whether he wanted to go or not.

                                                                                                     Chapter 1 Part 4
                                                                                               The Exhibitions Begin!
                                                                                             Show Your Meddle Ditto

"I still don't get why you basically forcibly dragged me with you Amy. What's the deal?"

"You don't know? Florando's famous for one reason: The Pokemon Exhibition!"

"The Pokemon Exhibition? Wait...you mean THAT Pokemon Exhibition?!"

"Yep. I know you want to get to Violet, but we can at least stop to see them, right?"

"Of course. I can't wait to see the outdoor performers. Let's go!"

The city of Florando is famous for its annual outdoor entertainment festival called the Pokemon Exhibition. Every year Pokemon Trainers come from all over the world and put on shows and perform. There was no shortage of it from dancing, to comedy, to even battle performances. Jimmy and Amy continue to walk the streets and saw many of the shows. Jimmy, Amy, and Serena were very delighted.

The pair made a stop at a local park and were resting by a large fountain.

"Wow, those shows were very amazing. I would love to perform like them."

"Then why don't you?", asked Jimmy.

"M-me?! I-I can't. I don't exactly have as many Pokemon, and-."

"Amy? Is that you?!

Jimmy and Amy look across from them and spot a girl. She had short brown hair, green eyes, and blue overalls and a yellow shirt and wore blue flip-flops.

"What the-! N-no way! Maryland, what are you doing here?!", Amy said in a shocked tone.

"Well well...who would have thought you be here Miss Davis. And who is this?"

"Oh, I'm Jimmy Joel of New Bark Town. I'm on my way to the Violet Gym in Violet City."

"Ah, then that means you're on your way to the Pokemon Center here then. How about I take you there personally?"

"Sure. My Pokemon can use a little rest.", Jimmy said, though Amy seemed a bit nervous.

Minutes later the 3 of them had arrived at the Florando Pokemon Center. Amy and Maryland went to sit in the lobby while Jimmy went to the receptions desk. "Excuse me, could you please check on my Pokemon?", Jimmy asked.

"Sure. I'll be happy to.", replies Nurse Joy. Jimmy was stunned to see it was Nurse Joy. "Wait...Nurse Joy? But...didn't I see you back at the Pokemon Center in New Bark Town?"

"Oh, the Joy you met is my little sister. I'm the older Joy. Don't worry, I'll check up on your Pokemon. Give me a few minutes." Jimmy gives her Serena and his 2 Poke Balls and she heads to the back room. Jimmy then spots a few pictures in the lobby that seem to tell about previous Pokemon Exhibitions. Then he thinks to himself, "I better call home."

Back in New Bark Town at Jimmy's house the phone was ringing. Jimmy's mom, in a pink robe, goes to answer it. "This is the Joel residence. With whom am I speaking to?", she asks. Jimmy replies, "Hi mom."

Ecstatic to hear her boy's voice, Jimmy's mom quickly picks up the receiver and turns on the holo vid. "Hi sweetie. It's good to see your face. Where are you calling from?"

"I'm calling you from the Pokemon Center in Florando."

"Florando? You're there already? Wow, it took your father at least 5 days to get there when he was younger. But then again he had to deal with Ghost Pokemon that resided in the Haunted Forest outside of Florando. Took him 3 days just to find a Hoothoot."

"Haunted Forest? I didn't seem to have cross it, or spotted any Ghost Pokemon. Then again I did travel through the forest during daylight."

"Well, it looks like you have just open up your wings and are soaring like a majestic Pidgeot. In any case, you're in Florando now. I hope you enjoy the Pokemon Exhibitions there. After all, this is the time of the year when it begins. You take care, and I'm rooting for you baby."

"Okay mom. See ya." They both hang up the phone and Jimmy says, "Perhaps I will enjoy the shows."

Meanwhile Amy and Maryland were in a deep conversation.

"So that's basically it? Geez Amy I thought you would know better. You should at least speak to your sisters about it.", said Maryland.

"Humph! As if I need a lecture from you. Look I know what I'm doing, and I don't need they're advice about it."

"Amy...I know how hard it is for you, but you shouldn't give up. You're at a crossroads now. Just think about it."

"I get it Maryland. It's just that...if Jimmy challenges the Violet Gym, he'll get creamed. Even if he were to train night and day leading up to his arrival t Violet, only that Pidgey of his stands a chance. His Chikorita won't last long, and his Nidoran won't be able to touch them."

"What's this about my Pokemon and the Violet Gym?"

Amy screams as Jimmy appears behind her. "Uh, Jimmy? H-how long have you been back there?"

"I'd say long enough. So...you really don't think I stand a chance against the Violet City Gym Leader?", he asks Amy.

Amy replies, "Well...it's just that your Pidgey...she's the only one of your Pokemon who might...have a chance...but your other 2 Pokemon..."

"I see...so the Violet Gym specializes in Flying-type Pokemon..."

"What?! Y-you know about that?!", a stunned Amy asks.

"I didn't. You actually told me without actually saying it. Since I have a Grass-type, a Poison-type, and my own Normal/Flying-type, it was easy to figure  it out."

"Then you know why I said that. If you face off against the Gym Leader you'll get crush, and your dream will end.", Amy said.

"Is that so? Well then, guess that only means one thing..." Amy grew a breath of relief, until Jimmy said, "And that's to take on the Violet Gym even more." 

"Wait...what?! Y-you s-still want to challenge the Violet Gym?! Even after what I said you still want to?! W-why?!", a shocked and mystified Amy said.

"It's because I want to become a Pokemon Master."

"A Pokemon...Master?"

"Yes. You see...my folks had both become trainers when they were young. They both battles against tough opponents and even against each other. My dad went on to become champion of a few tournaments, even on a couple of occasions went on to take on the Champions League. My mom would also go on to become a successful Pokemon Coordinator."

"Wait...your mom was a Coordinator?", Amy asked.

"Yeah. She traveled all over to do her best to show off her Pokemon. She won a couple of Grand Festivals in her time. Even though she's retired now she told me after beginning with her Pokemon fr so long, meeting new people, going up against tough challenges...she never once regretted anything. Even when her folks wanted her to become a Trainer like them, she followed her heart. Eventually they accepted her wish, and my mom never looked back."

Hearing this, a sparkle of light was in Amy's eyes. "So...she followed her heart to achieve her dream...hmm...that's good to hear. Maybe...I can do the same.", Amy said.

"Then go do it ya dork.", spoke Maryland. They all heard the Pokemon Center's bell jingle, signaling they're Pokemon were all healed up.

Nurse Joy walks out from the back room with Serena and Jimmy's Poke Balls as well as two other Poke Balls.

"Jimmy, all of your Pokemon are all healed up, as well as yours Maryland.", Joy says.

The 3 kids ran to the receptions desk and Serena leaps into Jimmy's arms. "Thank you Nurse Joy.", Jimmy says as he took the 2 Poke Balls belong to him.

Maryland took the 2 belonging to her and Amy asks," Are those 2 who I think they are?"

"You bet. Come on out!" Maryland opens the Poke Balls and 2 magenta colored shape blobs with vestigial facial features appeared. They both had vestigial handless 'arms' protruding from they're bodies.

"Whoa! A-are those Pokemon?", Jimmy asked as he reaches foe his Pokedex to look up the blob Pokemon.

"Ditto, the Transform Pokemon. Ditto can reconstruct the cells in its body and become whatever it sees. Transform is the only attack Ditto can use." 

"Whoa...Ditto. I heard of them, but never seen one before.", Jimmy said with excitement.

"So are you going to be performing in the Pokemon Exhibition?", Amy asked.

"You betcha. My 2 Ditto and I will be doing a Battle Performance."

"A Battle Performance?", Amy asked.

"Of course. Come to our show tomorrow and you'll see."

As Maryland leaves Amy said, "Um...sure."

"That should be fun. Think I'll stick  around for that. But for now...(Jimmy lets Brian and Katrina out of they're Poke Balls) Brian, Katrina, its time to train. I found out the Violet Gym is a Flying-type Gym. We'll need to come up with strategies if we're going to come out on top. So, how about we get to work?" Jimmy's Pokemon all made sounds of approval and they all leave the Pokemon Center.

"Jimmy's really going to do this. I admire his will...but still..."

The next day the Pokemon Exhibition was in full swing. Many performers and Pokemon were giving they're all to please the crowd. Some were good, a few were...not so good. However, everyone was having a good time. Over at Maryland's performance area some people were gathering. Amy and Jimmy were among the crowd.

"I wonder how Maryland's going to do. I mean, if Ditto can only use Transform, it won't be much of a Battle Performance.", Jimmy said.

"Just keep your eyes on stage. You'll see Ditto can do more than just change its appearance.", Amy said.

"Welcome one and all to Maryland and Ditto's Battle Performance. Here my Ditto will dazzle you with they're battle style. First, I'll need a couple of volunteers from the audience to come up and battle me and my Ditto." Many from the crowd were shouting and raising they're hands.

"Hmm...ah, you 2. Come up here on stage." A nerdy-looking guy and a seemingly tough-looking girl came on the stage.

"So...um, what do we do?", asked the nerd kid.

"It's simple. You show me one of your Pokemon, and my Ditto will use Transform to turn into the exact one. Then, we can battle as normal."

"Sounds like fun! Okay, let's do this now!", said the tough girl.

The boy called out a Bellsprout and the girl called out a Heracross. "Ah, very nice Pokemon. Okay Ditto 1 and 2, use Transform!"

The 2 Dittos made a 'Ditto' reply, and they both began to glow. One Ditto took on the form of Bellsprout while the other went as Heracross. The crowd was amazed as well as Jimmy. "Wow, they look exactly like Bellsprout and Heracross!", he said.

"Okay, consider this like a Double Battle. I'll let you both make the first moves." Maryland said, then Jimmy said, "Wait...is she actually going to battle them?"

"Of course. Watch and see the magic happen.", Amy said.

"Oh, um Bellsprout, use your Razor Leaf attack.", said the nerd boy, then the tough girl said, "All I need is one move to finish you off! Heracross, use your Horn Attack!"

Bellsprout flicked two spinning leaves at the copy Bellsprout while Heracross made a beeline for the copy Heracross.

"Okay Ditto 1, knock back that Razor Leaf with Vine Whip, and Ditto 2, you use Endure and grab hold of Heracross's horn!" The copy Bellsprout deflected the leaves with its vines while the copy Heracross took Heracross's Horn Attack but manage to grab hold of it.

Jimmy, all shocked by what he saw, said, "What?! They not only can imitate the Pokemon, but can also mimic they're attacks?!"

"No way! Quick Heracross, go for your Take Down!", screamed the tough girl, and the nerd boy said, "Well, er...Bellsprout, use your Vine Whip."

"Ditto 2, use Counter and Ditto 1, use Wrap and grab hold of Bellsprout." The copy Heracross started to glow red, and despite taking Heracross's Take Down head-on, blasted Heracross back into the opposite direction.

"What?! N-no way!", yells the tough girl, and copy Bellsprout knocked back the other Vine Whip and managed to bind the real Bellsprout.

"Waaa! M-my Bellsprout!", yells the nerd boy.

"So...you both give up?", asked Maryland. The 2 of them conceded. "I should explain. Ditto can mimic a Pokemon's appearance and they're attacks. However, Ditto cannot replicate a Pokemon's strength. For a Ditto Trainer such as myself its essential to also study up on some of the known basic attacks a Pokemon has. I guess you can say I lucked out on that.", Maryland says with a laugh.

"Wow...that's just...incredible.", Jimmy says, and Amy replies, "That's why Maryland's good at being one with her Ditto."

After the 2 ditto transformed back to they're original forms and the 2 trainers called back they're Pokemon, Maryland asks, "So...who would like to go next for my Battle Performance?" The crowd was so moved they all wanted to take part in it. Maryland says, "One at a time! One at a time!"

The sun begins to set as the Pokemon Exhibition continued. Jimmy, Amy, and Maryland were at the town exit.

"Hang on Amy, you still want to travel with me?", Jimmy asked.

"Well...yeah. I'm still worried you won't do so well at the Violet Gym, but I still want to see your upcoming battle."

"Your kinda weird you know...but I guess it wouldn't hurt.", Jimmy said.

"What's that suppose to mean?!", Amy shrieked, then Maryland said, "So...this is it huh? Are you really going to do this Amy?"

"I haven't decided yet. Perhaps if somehow Jimmy pulls a miracle then I'll get my answer."

"What are you 2 talking about?", asked a confused Jimmy.

"Oh...nothing important. Well, you 2 best get going then. I wish you both the best of luck on your journeys.", Maryland said.

"And best of luck for you and your Ditto's Battle Performance.", Jimmy said.

Jimmy and Amy begin to walk away from Maryland as the pair continued on to Violet City.

"I hope for you to make your decision Amy. Even if you don't want to be a Pokemon Trainer anymore, at least be like Jimmy and seek your dream out." Maryland thought to herself.

To Be Continued...

Next Time...Chapter 1 Part 5
A Legend Is Renewed
Return Of The Black Arachnid

RE: Pokemon: Johto Adventures - Zoroark - 04-04-2017

This next story is actually the same one I done on another thread that was actually suppose to be on this one, but I put it on the wrong tab by accident.

Catallia City (Night)

It was a seemingly peaceful night in the city of Catallia. In a mansion a man was sitting by a fireplace reading a newspaper. On the floor resting 

on a rug was a slender purple feline-like Pokémon. An older man in a butler suit walks into the living room carrying an envelop on a small 


"Sir, I have you're evening mail."

"Oh Gustav, how many times must I say you don't have to be so formal about it? You spoil me too much ever since we left Unova a few years 

ago...but I do appreciate the thought."

The young man takes the envelop, tears it open and silently reads it. He gasps and drops the letter.

"Is there something the matter young Zack?", asks Gustav.

The man stands up and walks over to the nearby window.

"It seems the legend is about to return again..."


"The Black Arachnid...he's coming..."

                                                                                                               Chapter 1 Part 5

                                                                                                          A Legend Is Renewed

                                                                                                   Return Of The Black Arachnid

Catallia City (Day)

Continuing on his journey to become a Pokémon Master, Jimmy & Amy have arrived into Catallia City. Amy was pretty estatic about finally 


"Whew, we've finally reached Catallia. This city has a lot of history."

"Oh? What kind of history?", asked Jimmy. Amy replies, "Um...er...um...I forgot."

Jimmy falls to the ground. "What?! How could you forget?!"

"Oh, don't worry your pretty little head. Come on." Amy runs off as Jimmy gets up. "Ugh...girls...". Serena gives Jimmy a scornful 'Chika' sound. 

Jimmy replies, "Okay...I get it Serena..."

As Amy hums a certain tune she doesn't look where she's going and trips. "Aaaaaaa!" She falls flat on her face. "Ow...that smarts...".

She looks down to see what she tripped on and felt something that was like a string. "Hm? What's this?" She then turns and saw something 

that looked like a face. "Huh? What is this thing?" Suddenly the face-like creature moves. "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

"Huh? That sounded like Amy." Jimmy runs to the source and finds Amy wrapped inside a web-like ball. "Jimmy, help me!"

"Uh, what's going on Amy?", Jimmy asks. Amy replies, "A scary face did this to me! Get me out!"

"A face?", Jimmy says. Just then they hear police sirens and riding up to them on a motorcycle was Officer Jenny.

"So, we caught another one huh?", Officer Jenny says.

"Wait...Officer Jenny? What are you doing all the way here?", askes Jimmy.

"Huh? Have we met before?"

"You don't remember me? I'm Jimmy, and we met back in New Bark Town."

"New Bark? Oh, you must have met my older sister. I'm the younger Jenny."

"Wait. You mean there are more than-."

"Um, excuse me for interrupting...but can you both get me out of this ball of silk?!", Amy yells.

After freeing Amy from the spider thread, Jimmy continued to talk to Officer Jenny.

"So...what was it that got Amy?", he asked.

"That would be this little fellow." Something ppears from above and lands on Jenny's head. It was like a green, arachnoid Pokémon with black 

eyes with white pupils, a white horn on its head, red mandibles, and six yellow legs. A greenish-black stripe encircles the middle of each leg 

and the end of its abdomen. The greenish-black spots on its abdomen resemble a face.

"Wow, what kind of Pokémon is that?", Jimmy asks as he pulls out his PokéDex.

"Spinarak, the Sting Spit Pokémon. Spinarak spins a web using fine, but durable thread. It then waits patiently for prey to be trapped within its 


"I must apoligize, but my Spinarak meant no harm. It simply was laying out string traps to catch bad guys. You simply just wandered across 


"Hold on a second. If I recall, doesn't the Police Force usually use Growlithe as a Police Pokémon? How come you're using Spinarak? Um..no 

offense Officer Jenny.", Jimmy says.

"Oh, its nothing at all. In fact, there's a special reason. Please, come with me to the station."

A short while later, Jimmy and Amy along with Officer Jenny arrive at the Catallia City Police Station. The pair were astound by what they saw.

"Whoa! Lok at all the Spinarak!", Amy yells.

"You see, Catallia's the only place where officers use Spinarak instead of Growlithe, and there's an important reason why."

"And that reason is...?", Jimmy asks.

Before Offier Jenny couldd tell them, there was a yell. "Hey! Get me out of this thing already!"

"Hm? What was that yell?", Jenny asks. Another officer rolled in a web ball with someone already in it.

"Come on! I told you I didn't do anything!"

"Wait...that voice. It's..." Amy runs up to it and saw Kamon inside of it. "Hey! You're that boy I saw before!"

"Huh? Hey, didn't I meet you somewhere? Oh nevermind, just get me out of this!"

Kamon was freed a short time later as he brushes himself off. "Glad to be out of that ball. All I was doing was trying to catch a Spinarak..."

"You might want to rethink that Kamon. After all, the Spinarak here all are part of the Catallia Police Force.", Amy said.

"So Officer Jenny, you were about to explain it?", asked Jimmy.

"Of course. You see, its a tradition for the police of Catallia to use Spinarak, and its all thanks to my great grandmother from 8 generations 

ago. A long time ago in Catallia, about 100 years to be exact, Catallia was in turmoil due to the Black Arachnid ransacking the town. He was 

known for his stealthiness and his professionalism, earning him the nickname 'the Cat Burgular'. Accompanied by a Meowth, they used Pay 

Day to scare the police off whenever it seemed like they were about to get captured. It seemed that the Black Arachnid would never be 

caught. However, the Black Arachnid was stopped thanks to the efforts of the Officer Jenny, my great-grandmother from eight generations ago 

and her Spinarak. Using its web, the Spinarak stopped the Black Arachnid dead in his tracks. Believe it or not, this Spinarak is descended from 

the same one that caught the Black Arachnid over a century ago."

"Wow, that's amazing Officer Jenny. I can see why now all the cops here want to keep your grandmother's legacy going.", said Amy. Just then 

another officer enters the room. "Excuse me Jenny, but there's someone here who wishes to speak to you. There in the central office now."

"Hm? Speak to me?", she says.

Jimmy, Amy, and Kamon follow Jenny where they spot 2 men: one younger and the other older and wearing a butler's outfit.

"Fancy I see you two here again.", Officer Jenny says.

"Well, under the circumstances I'd respect your wishes Jenny, but I come with shocking news."

"Officer Jenny, you know these people?", Jimmy asks.

"I do indeed. That's Gustav LeGrand and of course Zack Warren."

"Wait...Zack Warren?! You mean the rich guy?!", Amy yells.

"I see someone's heard of me. That's good.", Zack says.

"Of course. You're like a celebrity. But...what are you doing here in Catallia City? Don't you live in the Unova region?"

"Wait...Unova?", Jimmy asks.

"Yes. I am from the Unova region. I come here to the Johto region every year for my vacation. But...", Zack then begins to sulk.

"Is something the matter Zack?", Officer Jenny asks.

"Well...I think Gustav better tell you. Gustav?"

"Indeed sir. You see Madamé Jenny, Zack received a more dire letter last night. It exaplained that a thief was going to be coming to his mansio 

penhouse later this evening."

"What?!", everyone yells.

"Yes. It seems that this thief proclaims themself as the New Black Arachnid, and will come and steal one of my prized possessions: my one-of-

a-kind Jade Purrloin statue."

"The New Black Arachnid? Well, you can count me in Zack. We'll stop this criminal before he knows it.", Officer Jenny says

"Officer Jenny, I want to help too.", Jimmy says, but Amy then says, "Whoa Jimmy, you can't just go and insist on helping. I mean, this Black 

Arachnid is a dangerous criminal."

"You know, I'd like to help too.", Kamon says. "Whaaaat?!", yells Amy.

"I cannot insist that you kids take part in helping me.", she says, but Zack says, "Hm. That reminds me of the day my brother and I wanted to 

go on adventures with our Pokémon so badly. We wanted to help out everyone. Jenny, I'll take full responsibility for the children in this. 

Please consider letting them help. If I recall, you did do this before with some other kids."

Jenny mulls it over, then finally says, "Alright, but you all must do what I say during this investigation."

"I will Officer Jenny.", Jimmy says, follow by Kamon saying, "If it means getting the bad guy, sure thing."

"How did I get drafted into this?", Amy thought to herself.

Catallia City (Dusk)

The group arrived to Zack's mansion penhouse, wher they were standing in the middle of a big garden. "Okay Spinarak, set up a perimeter."

Spinarak makes a 'Spinarak, Spin Spin' sound and immediately goes to work spitting out sticky threads in key areas of the garden, then hides 

in a large tree. "Okay, Spinarak will be on survellience out here, while we go inside."

After entering the mansion, the group are taken to a room where they see a green cat-like Pokémon statue as well as a slendered, purple 

feline Pokémon speckled with yellow rosettes. Its fur patterning had an attractive look on it.  It has a pink "mask" marking over its eyes, a pink 

nose, and small yellow markings over its green eyes. It has two pairs of long yellow whiskers, and a  tufted yellow underside. Its lower legs 

are yellow, and each small paw has a pale pink pad on them. "Whoa, what kind of Pokémon is that?", Kamon asks in awe.

"Oh, that's my Liepard. She's a native Pokémon from the Unova region. And this here is what the New Black Arachnid is after: my Jade 

Purrloin statue."

"Wow, its really pretty.", Amy says in disbelief. "And its up to us to make sure that the Black Arachnid doesn't get it.", Jimmy says and Serena 

makes a determined 'Chika' sound.

Night quickly came as the group waited patiently in the living room for the Black Arachnid to show.

"So Gustav...that letter...if I recall the Black Arachnid specify he'll show up at around 9:00 P.M., right?", asked a concerned Zack.

"Yes sir. But as I already see it's about 2 minutes until the deadline."

"Then we best be ready everyone. No telling what this Black Arachnid's capable of.", said Officer Jenny.

"Jenny, if I remember you said you dealt with Black Arachnid imposters before right?", asked Zack.

"I have. There were 3 of them, and one was believe it or not was a Meowth that could talk."

"Wow, really?! A Meowth that can talk human speech?! I've got to see that for myself.", said Jimmy.

"Everyone, its almost 9:00.", said Kamon.

"Is he going to show up?", asked Amy. The clock struck 9 as the bell chimes 9 times. Everyone waited for something to happen...but nothing 

occurs. "So...did he gave up or something?", Amy asks with a concern and scared feel in her voice.

"Hmm...maybe he got scared and had second thoughts." said Kamon, then Zack says, "Either way, I want to thank you all for your help. As my 

token of thanks, I had my chefs prep up a meal. Gustav, if you will."

"Indeed sir." Gustav leaves, but returns minutes later with a couple of chefs realing in dining carts full of food. "Please, help yourselves.", said 


"Don't mind if we do!", said Jimmy, Amy, & Kamon.

Everyone soon ate they're fill. "Man, that was some good food there. Thank you Zack.", said Amy.

"Oh, don't thank me. Thank my staff for providing us with good ingredients. Well, I guess its time we-."

Suddenly the lights go out.

"Huh? The lights! Gustav, I thought you paid the bill.", said Zack.

"I did indeed sir, but..."

The lights soon came back on and Zack says, "What on earth was that?"

"Oh, that was just my little doing."

"Huh?", says everyone as they looked over towards the Jade Purrloin statue and saw a man dressed in black attire with a large quadruped 

feline Pokémon. Its fur was pale tan with the exception of its black-rimmed ears. It has a short muzzle with a small black nose, red eyes with 

slit pupils, rounded ears, a pair of pointed teeth in its upper jaw, and three whiskers on either side of its face. Its thick whiskers. In the center 

of its forehead was a red jewel & had a long tail with a distinctive curl at the end. It had long legs and three-toed paws with retractible claws.

"Wait, who are you? Hold on..don't tell me your the Black Arachnid?!", yells Zack.

"Indeed I am, but I prefer to be known as the New Black Arachnid, and with my Persian here I will reign all over Catallia City!"

"But...your like 15 minutes late. What's up with that?", Kamon asks.

"W-well, even us criminals need our rest, but enough chit chat. I'm here for this!" He grabs the statue.

"Wait! That's mine!"

"Not anymore. Persian, use your Pay Day." Persian makes a soft 'Persian sound, them materializes coins that are flinged to Jimmy and the 

others. "Gaaaah!", yells the group. "Now if you excuse me, I'll take my leave now.", said the New Black Arachnid. He proceeds to sdo a series of 

jumps and leaps and exits out from the window.

"Wait...those moves...c-could that have been...". Zack thought to himself.

"Quick everyone, after him!", yells Officer Jenny as everyone pursues the New Black Arachnid.

"Huhahahaha! You'll never catch m-." Suddenly the New Black Arachnid was caught in Spinarak's web. "W-what is this?!"

The group finally catches up to him and Officer Jenny says, "Sorry pal, but you were destined to be caught. After all, anyone who calls 

themselves the Black Arachnid is destined to be caught by a Spinarak."

"Heh, I'm not licked yet. My Persian will get me out of this Persian, use-."

"Hold on Black Arachnid. Before you even make your escape, I want to have a battle with you."

Everyone says, "Whaaat?!"

"My Liepard hasn't been in a battle for quiet sometime, and she's itching for one, right Liepard?" Liepard gives a 'Liepard' sound, follow by 

going into a leaning battle pose.

"Heh, fine by me rich boy. Persian, use Pay Day." Persian materializes coins and flings them at Liepard. "Liepard, dodge and use Fury Swipes!"

Liepard jumps out of the way of the incoming coins.

"Wow, Zack's Liepard's fast.", said Amy.

"We'll use Fury Swipes too. Go Persian." Both Cat Pokémon found themselves in a series of claw swiping fury.

"They're both so quick and strong." Kamon said with astonishment.

"Now Night Slash Persian!" A purplush black aura emits from Persian's front paws as he heads for Liepard. "We'll use Night Slash too. Let's 

do it Liepard!" Both combatants found themselves in a stalemate again.

"Let's wrap this up Persian. Use Shadow Ball!" Persin creates a black swirling ball in its mouth and fires it at Liepard.

"Big mistake. Liepard, use Hyper Beam." Liepard fires off a yellowish orange beam from its mouth, disintergrating the Shadow Ball and 

connecting to Persian, taking him out in the process.

"No! My Persian!", yells the New Black Arachnid.

"The battle's over. Good work Liepard.", says Zack as he pets her and she gives a cheerful 'Liepard' sound.

"So...that's the power of a Pokemon from the Unova region. No...that's the power of a Pokemon and its trainer.", said Jimmy.

Zack walks up to the Black Arachnid. "So, I'm caught now. Looks like my crime spree is over before it started." he said, then Zack said, "Ha! I 

knew it was you. I can't believe it." Everyone looked a little dumbfounded, but then zack removes the Black Arachnid's mask and...

"Whaaat?! T-the Black Arachnid?! It's Zack!"

"No, this is my twin brother Jack Warren.", Zack said.

"Hmph, guess you figured it out huh?", said Jack, then Zack said, "Of course. Only you could have done those parkour moves so well. But...why 

are you here and posing as the Black Arachnid?"

"Don't tell me you forgot the pact we made already brother?"

"Pact? Oh no...", Zack said as he pace palms himself.

"Zack, do you mind explaining what's going on?", asked Officer Jenny.

"Sure. You see when we were little Jack and I wanted to become Pokémon Trainers more than anything. Our parents were very proud of us 

and wanted us to achieve our dreams. But one day our parents got terminally sick, and sought to spread the family fortune to us. However, it 

would come at a heavy price: one us us would have to give up our dream of becoming Pokémon Masters. At the time we both had differ brom 

that path. I wanted to become a Pokémon Coordinator while my brother decided to become a Pokémon Adventurer."

"A Pokémon Coordinator?", asked Amy.

"Yes. Coordinators show off the beauty of they're Pokémon by utilizing they're moves in special ways. And a Pokémon Adventurer not only 

travels the world to battle the best Trainers, but to also seek out and battle the strongest Pokémon. When the day came for my brother & I to 

battle, we battled our hardest for our folks. I won of course."

"Yeah...but you also gave up your dream for me. After that, I decided to dedicate my dream and yours and sought to live out your dream as 

well brother. That's what our parents wanted even now as they're no longer hear with us.", Jack said. He continues to say, "After our parents 

passing we made a pact once every year to have a wonderful battle as a dedication to them while also having a fun prank to each other."

"Ugh, how could I have forgotten...Officer Jenny, my brother didn't meant no harm. Please don't arrest him."

"I'm sorry Zack, but he has to be held accountable for his actions."


"Don't worry yourself Zack. I know what I did was wrong & I wish I thought it moe thoughoughly...but Jenny's right. I mush he held 

accountable for what I did."

Officer Jenny then takes Jack away, much to the dismay of the others.

Catallia City (Day)

Jimmy & the others made it to the station and sought Officer Jenny.

"Jenny, please I beg you to reconsider.", asked Zack, then Jack appears and says, "What are you doing here guys?"

"Huh? Jack? Y-your not in jail?"

"Nope. Jenny gave me an ultimatum. Instead of jail time, I mush do 50 hours of community service. So, I'm tending to the Police Force's 


"Jack's very helpful. The Spinarak are all doing just okay under his care."

Jack laughs & says, "It took a bit of time to earn they're trust, but being an Adventurer like myself helped me to figure them out. Once my 

time's done' I'll be back on the road to compete in the Johto League."

"Wait Jack, y-yuor going to try out for the Johto League?", asked Jimmy.

"Uh-huh. I've already collected 2 Badges already. I...unfortunately didn't win at Violet City, but I'll go back again and try. I take it you're going 

for the Johto League too?"

"Yeah.", said Jimmy, then Jack said, "Then let us both do our best to amaze the crowd."

Jimmy and Jack shook hands and Jimmy says, "Sure. From one Pokémon Adventurer to another."

"Wait Jimmy...Pokémon Adventurer?", Amy asks and Jimmy says, "Yep. From what Jack said about Pokémon Adventurers that's sound like 

something I like to do, right Serena?" Serena gives a proud 'Chika' sound.

"Good. If you are also interest I heard there will be a Pokémon Contest in Happy Town. It's very close to Violet City.", Zack said.

"Pokémon Contest? Say, why don't we see it Jimmy?", asked Amy. "Sure. I'm game."

"Hmph, well if you guys are going, then I'm coming too.", said Kamon.

"Huh? Y-your joining us Kamon.", asked Amy.

"Yeah. I think it'll be fun...somewhat."

"Somewhat?!", yells Amy as Jimmy laughs. "Then we should be going then. You all take care of yourselves.", Jimmy says.

"Best of luck on your journey kids.", says Officer Jenny.

And so with Kamon joining them, Amy & Jimmy continue onward to Violet City, with Jimmy now having a strong desire to become a Pokémon 


"A Pokémon Coordinator. Hmm...I like the sound of that. It'll help me with being a Stylist.", Amy thought to herself.

To Be Continued...

Next Time:

Chapter 1 Part 6
A Three-Way Team Battle
Enter The Bandits

RE: Pokemon: Johto Adventures - Zoroark - 04-04-2017

Palm Hills (Day)

Continuing onward to Violet City, Amy & Jimmy, now joined by Kamon, had arrived into the majestic town of Palm Hills. The town is well known for it's large mansions & lush green (and obviously large) lawns.

"Look at how big those mansions are. Boy, wouldn't it be great to live in one of them?", said Kamon.

"I don't know. They seem too big for my taste.", Amy said with such a gruff voice. Jimmy then says, "You don't wish to live in such a big estate Amy?"

"Nope. I prefer a small home with rich decor." Serena and the boys look on with dumbfounded looks on they're faces, then Amy says, "But enough about that. This is Palm Hills after all, and this high class town is also home to some movie stars. I bet we can get a tour of the place if we find a tour guide."

"Um, but shouldn't we be getting to the Pokémon Center first and plot our next route?", asks Kamon, but Jimmy says, "I don't mind it. Violet City's not going anywhere. So let's just take a look around."

"Says the guy who wants to get to Violet quickly."

"Don't forget Kamon, I'm now gunning to become a Pokémon Adventurer, just like Jack Warren. And everywhere's an adventure." Jimmy follows after Amy while Kamon gives a heavy sigh, then thinks to himself, "At least Jimmy has a goal to look forward to. Me? I don't really know..."

                                                                  Chapter 1 Part 6

                                                            A Three-Way Team Battle

                                                                Enter The Bandits

"Hmm...I don't think it'll be easy to find a tour guide. I guess Palm Hills is quite a busy place." said Amy.

"Okay, so now can we head for the Pokémon Center?", Kamon says impatiently, but then Jimmy says, "Hold on. Do you guys hear that?"

"Hm? Yeah, it sounds like a group of people. Let's go see.", said Amy.

"What? Hold on guys.", Kamon said but Jimmy & Amy had already took off, leaving Kamon disgruntled.

The trio made they're way to a street corner where they spot a crowd of people. They made they're way through the crowd and saw 3 people. One was a young man with sky blue eyes and green spiky hair with 2 of the frontal 'spikes' protruding more upward, the other was a young woman with rose-colored hair wrapped as a very long pigtail that reaches to her lower back & emerald-colored eyes, & the last one a short bald guy who seems to have 5 dots on his forehead that seems to be in a star-like pattern and has eyes that seems to be more like big dots.

"Come one, come all! You're visiting at the bestest, hippest, and greatest spot in all of Palm Hills! I am Chelsea Blue, and these are my protégés Aston Villan & of course Everton Toffee! We are the trio that run the Bandits Traveling Emporium!", spoke Chelsea.

"Traveling Emporium?", asked Amy, and Everton spoke & said, "That's right. we know all the good places where the movie stars live & hang out. In fact, we even got them to donate a little piece of what they once had from movie props and other such wonders."

"Yes. Take a gander at what we have here. For example, this here is an old pair of sunglasses once owned by the famous film director Stephen Pittsburgh. He's directed in such films as the Arizona Smith series, the Pokéssic Park series, & of course the Sharpedo horror films 1, 2, 3 & The Avenge."

Amy looks at the glasses and is approached by Chelsea. "So...you like Mr. Pittsburgh's sunglasses?"

"Actually...this doesn't even belong to Stephen Pittsburgh.", said Amy.

"Whaaaat?! H-how could you say such a thing! These are his genuine sunglasses! How could you say that these don't belong to him?!"

"Well, Stephen Pittsburgh wouldn't buy a pair of sunglasses that had a clunky frame, plus he prefers to wear sunglasses that are in his favorite shade of green.", said Amy.

"Okay okay, so the...sunglasses didn't pan out. We thought we got them from him, but there are other stuff, like this here mug from the film star Jefferson Pontiac. He's the star of the Arizona Smith films as well as starred in the Star Lore films. So...what do you think miss. You wish to buy this one-of-a-kind mug brought only by Jefferson Pontiac?" asked, Aston.

"I would...if this was actually his.", said Amy.

"Whaaaaat!?", yelled Aston, Chelsea & Everton. "While it is true a mug like this would be brought by Jefferson Pontiac, its in good condition. Jefferson Pontiac is known for breaking mugs for every film he did that was a success and would glue it back together as a memento of the film he did. He would never sell it back even in his darkest hour.", said Amy

The crowd looked at the trio as they grew nervous, then heard someone yelling, "Hey! There are the crooks who sold me that bogus merchandise!" The Bandits looked over and saw an angry crowd approaching them. "Those earrings you sold me were fake!", yells one lady. "This bowl isn't even from my favorite Growlithe crime fighting show!", yells one man.

"Uh-oh! Well, the Bandits Traveling Emporium is now close for the day!" says Chelsea as Aston & Everton desperately pack everything up. "We'll be seeing you. Bye!" The Bandits take off with the angry crowd chasing them.

"Hmm...guess they were phonies." said Jimmy. "Yeah, trying to pull that off. I know my film and film stars well enough.", spoke Amy, then Kamon says, "So with that said...can we go to the Pokémon Center now?" Jimmy & Amy looked at each other, smiled and chuckled. "Hey, what's so funny?!", asked Kamon.

Elsewhere Aston, Chelsea, & Everton, exhausted from a lot of running, were hiding somewhere. An angry Chelsea said, "Grrr, blast them. We were so close as to make money off of those memorabilia...and that girl had to go and ruin it for us."

"Well, they were fake and not the real McCoy Chelsea.", Everton said, and Chelsea reacts with a knock on his head and said, "Keep your opinion to yourself shrimp. We need money to kick start our plans since our chance to join Team Rocket went up in smoke when they disbanded."

"Chelsea, we put in our applications to join that other team nearly a month ago. It's not as if we expect them to hire us at the start.", said Aston.

"Maybe...but...augh, I'm so frustrated! That girl...I'll get even with her if its the last thing I do. In fact...I'm going to do that right this instant!" Chelsea runs off. "Oh boy, this isn't good.", said Everton.

Minutes later Jimmy and friends left the Pokémon Center. "Sigh, I was really hoping to meet some movie stars today. Oh well, I guess we can leave now.", said Amy.

A stunned Kamon says, "That's it Amy? You're not even going to argue about it?"

"Nope. Knowing some of the ones I like live here in Palm Hills is good enough for me...or at the very least they own homes here."

"Well then, we should get going then. According to the Map Card on my PokéGear the next town we'll be coming to is called Cherrygrove City.", Jimmy says.

"Cherrygrove huh? Well then, why don't we head out then?", Amy says and Serena gives a cheerful 'Chika' sound.

"Hold it right there!" The trio stop for the moment. "Hm? You guys hear something?", Amy asked.

"Don't pretend to ignore us shrimp!" The heroes looked behind them and saw the 3 charlatans they met earlier.

"Oh, its those 3 bogus salespeople. Sorry, but my friends & I were just leaving.", Amy says, but a disgruntled Chelsea angrily says, "Oh no your not. My crew & I were doing just fine before you 3 showed up here. Now we'll make you pay!"

"Do either of you know what that woman's talking about?", Amy asks. "Well, if I had to guess, I think its because you exposed they're bogus operation Amy.", Kamon said.

"Oh, that. Well, if they were better salespeople, then I wouldn't have ratted them out, or something.", Amy says with a light chuckle.

"Grrr! You think this is funny?! My boys & I were going to make money, and then live our dream of becoming first-tier Team Rocket members!", Chelsea says with angry in her voice.

A confused Kamon asks, "Wait...did you say 'Team Rocket'?"

"I've heard of them in a news report. They were a notorious gang who used Pokémon for evil purposes. Though I think they disbanded 3 years ago.", Jimmy says.

"Yeah, that's right. Our dream organization was forced to disband when the leader lost to some trainer from the Kanto region. We were forced out before we could become real members, and establish a Johto base here.", Aston said.

"You know, you shouldn't tell them that at all Aston.", spoke Everton.

"Ugh, enough chit-chat. We, the Bandits of Palm Hills will defeat you and revive Team Rocket. Now, go hurt them Tyrogue.", said Chelsea. "Assist me Venonat," said Everton. "Let's do this Grimer." said Aston.

The Bandits revealed they're Pokémon. Tyrogue is a humanoid-like Pokémon with a predominantly pale purple body and brown hips and feet that resemble short pants and shoes. It has three blunt protrusions on top of its head, yellow eyes, and circular sections on each side of its head that resemble protective padding. There are white bands resembling bandages on its torso and wrists. It has thin limbs, and its hands have three fingers each. 

Venonat has a round body covered in purple fur. Poison oozes from all over its fuzzy body with a pincer-like mouth, stubby forepaws, and a pair of clodhopper feet that are visible through its fur. There is also a pair of white antennae sprouting from the top of its head, with the most prominent feature on its face are its large, red eyes.

Grimer is a slimy, amorphous blob-like Pokémon made of living purple sludge. It has two large eyes with beady pupils, and a gaping mouth with a grey tongue. It has two arms with three digits on each hand & constantly oozing; endlessly leaking a bacteria-rich fluid from all parts of its body.

"I'll take the girl, you 2 focus on the boys!", Chelsea said. "Alright then, if its a battle you want, then its a battle you'll get." Amy tosses a Poké Ball in the air, and a blue mouse-like Pokémon is revealed. It has a nearly spherical shape with a white belly, and has round ears with red insides. Its arms and feet are short and possess no visible digits. There is a blue, bubble-like ball at the tip of its zigzagging black tail.

"Wow, its a Marill. I've never seen one up close before.", Jimmy said as he checks his Pokédex on Marill. The entry was as followed: "Marill, the Aqua Mouse Pokémon. The tip of its tail floats in water, so it can swim in any current no matter how rough."

"Okay Cyndaquil, let's show them how its done.", Kamon says. "I guess we better join in too Serena. Let's go.", Jimmy says as Serena leaps off of his shoulder to join Marill & Cyndaquil.

"Tyrogue, use Tackle! Make that mouse pay.", Chelsea yells. "Not so fast. Use Defense Curl Marill." Tyrogue rams Marill, but the little aqua mouse was able to withstand the attack. "Now Marill, counter with Water Gun!" Marill shot out a jet off water straight at Tyrogue, connecting with the attack. "Ack! Tyrogue!", yells Chelsea.

"Okay Cyndaquil, let those these Rocket wannabees how we get do things. Use your Tackle attack." Cyndaquil charges at Grimer and lands the Tackle, but he is quickly bounced back. "What the-."

Aston laughs and says, "Oh ho ho ho. It seems that my Grimer's sludgy body works well for defense. Your puny Cyndaquil's Tackle did hardly any damage."

"Is that so? Well then Cyndaquil, use your Ember and surround Grimer." Cyndaquil jumps into the air and fires a barrage of Embers, in a circle, trapping Grimer. Grimer lets out a 'Gri Gri' cry in distress. "Augh! Grimer!"

"Seems that you & I are going to tangle. Too bad, my Venonat's a Poison-type Pokémon. Your Chikorita doesn't stand a chance.", Everton said.

"Well then I guess we'll see then, won't we Serena?", Jimmy asks and Serena gives a confident sounding 'Chika'. "Hmph. Well Venonat, let's show them your Poisonp-." Before he could finish, Serena struck Venonat with her Vine Whip. "Wha-wha-whaaat?!" "Alright Serena, you know what to do." Serena lets out a 'Chika' sound, then grabs hold of Venonat via Vine Whip as the little furry bug lets out a 'Venonat' sound in distress. Serena starts to spin Venonat around and around. "Agh! M-my Venonat!"

"Grr! Tackle Tyrogue. Give it all you got.", yells Chelsea. "Use your Rollout Marill.", says Amy. The little rodent gives a 'Marill Ma', sounds, then leaps into the air, curls up into a ball and spins rapidly at a fast rate. It vears right into Tyrogue, taking it out. "N-no! My Tyrogue. Quick you losers, call back your Pokémon!", orders Chelsea. "R-right!", says Aston & Everton. They call back they're Pokémon quickly.

"Wait...you guys are giving up already?", asks Amy.

"Listen here little girl. This isn't over between us, not by a long shot. My cohorts and I will retreat this day. But you better not make no mistake about it. The Bandits will get back at you one day, I swear it!" The Bandits then took off running.

"Well that's a shame. I wanted to continue on with the battle.", Amy said. "I don't think we should mix up with people like that. No good will come of stuff like that.", said Kamon. "Yeah, I suppose so, but at least Marill and i showed that woman a thing or 2."

"So should we get going then? The sooner we hit the road, the better we reach Violet City.", Jimmy said. "Okay, fine. Let's go then. By the way Jimmy, remember we'll be stopping in Happy Town first to check out that Pokémon Contest."

"I know, I know. You don't have to remind me." As jimmy and Amy spoke, Kamon thought to himself. "Those two. They seem to have they're plan in check. Even those clowns who mentioned Team Rocket have they're own, but me..." "Hey Kamon, are you coming or what?" Kamon snaps out of it and yells, "Hang on. I'm coming."

Elsewhere were the Bandits. Chelsea was even more angry. "Grrr! I'll get that girl if its the last thing I do. I'll teach her a thing or two, no...three."

"Hey, calm down Chelsea. We've all got embarrassed. Let's just try to relax and-." Chelsea cuts off Aston & says, "I will do no such thing you hear?!"

"Excuse me, are you loud miscreants Aston Villan, Clelsea Blue, & Everton Toffee?"

The trio turned and saw an old man in a tux. "Uh, yeah, who wants to know old man?", says Chelsea.

"I do beg your pardon, but I was to give you three this letter." Chelsea takes it and says, "Uh...thanks." Chelsea opens the envelop and reads it. "W-w-w-whaaaaat?!"

"Chelsea, what is it?," asked a concern Aston. "Tell us. Don't keep us in suspense.", says Everton.

"Hold on old man, are you.-"

"All I am is just a messenger young lady. Now, what will you & your comrades do next is up to you. But this chance doesn't come by often. The meeting place will be outside of the Catallia City Outskirts in 2 days. Do make sure to arrive on time." The mysterious old man walks away.

Chelsea stands up & says, "Aston, Everton, this our big break. All our struggles have finally lead to this. It may not be Team Rocket, but we'll do just fine. Let's go, we've got a lot of prepping up to do."

"Uh, yeah. Let's go.", said Aston. "Yeah! Our big break is here!", spoke Everton. "From this day forth, we pledge to do our best. For we are the Bandits of Orion!", said Chelsea. The trio run off cheerfully, leaving behind the torn envelop that had a purple 'O' on it with a 4-sides star on the lower right of the letter.

To Be Continued...

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