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So I'm back...sort of... - Zoroark - 04-04-2017

Hahaha, when a guy goes on an unannounced hiatus for a few months to rethink things and sadly gets procrastinated, a website makes dramatic changes. So the 'friendly neighborhood' Zoroark that I was was ready to move on with a new identity in that of 'BlackZorro', and well...I'm not sure what occurred, but it seems I'm back as Zoroark again...not that I'm complaining or anything.

Anywho from that aside, I've been away from PokeBoard for some months now and while I like to say I'm back, I'm more or less will try to make an appearance here from time to time, with stories and such. I am proud however that the admins of PokeBoard did restore some things, and I can resume writing an old story I did months back that I thought I would not get again, but like that I also wanted to continue with the one I was doing. So I'll do my darnest to continue with my Pokemon The Johto Adventures story as well as The Zorua Adventure: Project Z (pending title).

So stay tune folks and I'll try my best to get them up and about again.